Nvidia: Only Brits care about ATI

Nvidia spinmeister extraordinaire Roy Taylor told TechRadar that only the British care about AMD and ATI.

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Vip3r3869d ago

I and along with other people I know have always had nvidia graphics cards. But I guess this was too good an opportunity not to have a lil dig at the British.

Fishy Fingers3869d ago

"Then again, nobody loves rooting for a hapless chump quite like the British"

Thats right, we're all rooting for Roy Taylor right now.

What a pointless article, the actual information to be found could of been summed up in 2 lines.

fmjpower3869d ago

not the smartest thing to say to millions of potential customers.....this one will bite him in the ass.

shine13963869d ago

whats with all the anti-brit stuff... we've been called the most irritating country in the world in a couple of the morning papers as well....

sleepbox3869d ago

Maybe it's just me but my ATI product has surpassed the Nvidia products I've owned, not just in performance but reliability.

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The story is too old to be commented.