TorrentSpy Won't Pay $111 Million Court Order, Lawyer Says

David Kravets reports:

''A day after a U.S. judge dinged TorrentSpy with one of the largest fines in copyright history, the lawyer for the torrent-tracking search engine said Thursday the $111 million judgment won't get paid.

Nevis-based Valence Media, the owner of TorrentSpy, filed for bankruptcy protection in England last week "and has no appreciable assets," attorney Ira Rothken said. "This was a Hollywood publicity stunt."

The Motion Picture Association of America sued the search engine in Los Angeles federal court, alleging the site facilitated copyright infringement of Hollywood movies. The MPAA won a default judgment last year after TorrentSpy refused to turn over internal documents, and a federal judge levied the $111 million penalty and ordered the site never to return online.''

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DomUltra3875d ago

Good shіt, torrents and torrent websites aren't illegal, so stuff it. Plus the MPAA is a JOKE.

599 US Dollars3875d ago

They're jews. They're doing only what they were programmed to do.

SilPho3875d ago

If it's illegal to link to torrent file websites then TorrentSpy is no more guilty of this than Google. I don't see what they are being accused of here... if I remember correctly TorrentSpy doesn't host torrents, so why aren't the hosters the ones getting these fines?

Harry1903875d ago

put up a fight,it could work.

BIGELLOW3875d ago

If Google were to create a special section specifically geared towards finding torrents and if the majority of the torrents found via this special section were copyrighted works and Google, knowing this, just continued to keep this special section open without any attempts to filter, then yes, Google would have an issue on their hands.

It all comes down to perception. It is how Napster delayed their demise. They made an effort to filter... but this effort failed, so they were shut down (only to come back later as a legit mp3s-for-sale site.) So, as long as the torrents that one can find on Google can only be found if you know what you are doing and Google doesn't advertise this functionality, then it is no different than having a coin-operated photocopy machine sitting in the back of a drug store. Sure, someone COULD be using it to scan books and magazines illegally, but that isn't why it is there. If, instead, you open up a book store and have fifteen copy machines strewn about throughout the store with a sign that says "You can use these machines to scan only things that are legal to scan. We won't STOP you from using these machines to scan every page of a book, but just know that this would be 'wrong'. {wink} {wink}"... well, you're going to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

shine13963875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )
me thinks google has more bargaining power...$$$$$

its alright if you can get some money back to publishers...

fmjpower3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

this guy will be living in a cardboard box for the rest of his life and it will open the flood gates for litigation....ill bet you the mpaa already filed lawsuits against every single torrent site out there immediately after judgment. get ready, this is the first nail in the coffin that is the torrent.

shine13963875d ago

in the US you mean.....and not every torrent site is *illigal* anyway...

KeiZka3875d ago

Good luck to them trying to shut down foreign sites. Yes, there is life outside US, quite hi-tech one too.

season0073875d ago

There is a world outside America...i mean , there is
and no you can't do sh!t with other countries' sites

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