PC Gamer: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Preview

When Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood was released in 2005, it began an epic war story not unlike HBO's Band of Brothers. In fact, the third chapter, Hell's Highway, begins with a "Previously, on Brothers in Arms" recap, to remind games what Captain Matt Baker and the men of the 101st Airborne Division have been through since dropping into Normandy on D-Day. Now, as part of Operation Market Garden, Baker and his men arrive in Holland via a spectacular canvas glider, landing in a farmer's field. The mission: link up with the other Allied troops and prepare to push into Germany.

The tactics PC Gamer learned from the first two installments of BiA carried over well into HH. Upon encountering their first resistance, they ordered their MG squad to lay down suppressing fire, turning the Germans' icons grey and allowing them to move freely without getting shot to pieces.

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