Battlefield: Bad Company Demo Coming on June 5

Gamers who have been dying to get their hands on Battlefield: Bad Company (that weren't a part of the beta) will be able to get their chance, as a demo is slated to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store on June 5.

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THE_JUDGE3869d ago

heard bad things about this game so I'm not particularly forward to it.

n4gzz3869d ago

my freaking 360 broke again. :(. I don't know if i will fix it again. I am done with it. May be i will think about fixing it around gear of war 2 time. Glad i still have ps3 working though. So, i am not without console.

RuffRyder3869d ago

Who the hell cares you fool

DomUltra3869d ago

It's idiots like RuffRyder who keep the trend going, epic disaster on hardware reliability and all the Xbox people just say oh just get a new one, 300$-400$ consoles are not condoms you throw away just to buy another one, or get it replaced. That sucks dude, just play your PS3.

On Topic: I could care less about Battlefield.

ZeVeX3869d ago

As long as we don't have to pay for the demo now instead of the guns then kewl....