GameSpy's Top Metal Gear Solid Moments

Here at GameSpy, it's no secret that they love Metal Gear Solid. After all, they concluded nearly three years ago that it's their favorite PlayStation game of all time. With MGS4 on the horizon in a month, they have decided to help refresh your memory with a look at some of the best moments from a decade's worth of Tactical Espionage Action.

For the next four weeks on Thursdays and Fridays, GameSpy will be rolling out all their favorite MGS moments, including their favorite bosses. This week, GameSpy will be taking a look at the title that kicked things off, Metal Gear Solid.

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PirateThom3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I have nothing but love for Metal Gear

TresTrendu3873d ago

Yeah i loved it on the nes, but no farther than that.