Siren: Blood Curse is a PSN-game?

It seems the recently announced Siren: Blood Curse will be a downloadable PlayStation Network-game. The game featured in the PSN Showcase trailer, made available yesterday for downloading trough the European PlayStation Store.

Siren: Blood Curse is shown amongst other download-only games like Elephunk and pain, but also amongst games which are also available on BD-disc, like GT5: Prologue and Warhawk. it is unclear wether Siren: Blood Curse will be download-only or if the game will also be released on BD-disc

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PirateThom3871d ago

I thought they already said it was going to be 12 downloadable episodes?

lbartley3871d ago

They did, someone just can't read...

As much as it disappoints me, I prefer to have an actual tangible disc. that way I could potentially play it on the PS4, and not have to worry about archaic DRM concerns.

Pornlord3871d ago

I reported that a few days ago yes, this is a duplicate really. 12 episode PSN game.

arakouftaian3871d ago

i may buy it but if is for download mmmm i dotn know abouth that, but i enjoy the demo...

solidt123870d ago

I think that by the time the PS4 comes out they will have some kind of game transfer thing worked out so you can play you PS3 DL Games on the PS4 . At least they better.