Confirmed: Banjo assets due May 13, 5pm BST

VG247: Microsoft UK has just confirmed that its Gamer's Day assets will be released on Tuesday, May 13 at 8am PST, or 5pm BST if you're in the UK.

While the firm has yet to make an official statement on what's to be shown at the San Francisco event, we can tell you 100 percent that Banjo will be shown, as will a host of other 360 titles for the rest of the year.

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360 man3870d ago

i think ps3 may be in a little trouble

360 gets more games announced while ps3 delays more games for 2009

solidt123870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Huh! Since when?

BubblesDAVERAGE3870d ago

I always didnt like this game ..i never understood why people like....rare has better ips like conker and jet for gemni

RAF-TECH3870d ago

seems to me ... when the N64 came out... you werent able to play games yet

candystop3870d ago

No thats your opinion! I just never understood why people like this game that all!

BubblesDAVERAGE3870d ago

I loved Nintendo back then but game after gamecube i will never own another Nintendo system

gEnKiE3870d ago

What was so great about Banjo on the 64?

jtucker783870d ago

The first Banjo on 64 was cool.

It took the third person ideas from Mario 64 and achieved graphics better than Nintendo could get out of the console.
The game was cool too.

The highlight though was the music.
Rusty Bucket Bay
and the tree level at the end... with all the seasons. Can't remember the name.

Anyone with me?

Xi3870d ago

to me the best platformers of the N64 were Banjo, conkers and rayman 64, mario 64 defined the genre but it was those titles that took it 1 step further.

Xi3870d ago

After seeing what they did with kameo as an original release titles I'm stoked to see what they can produce 3 years later with banjo.

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