7 Reasons Why There Will Be A Redesigned DS

Gameradar writes: "General consensus around the industry recently has tipped the imminent arrival of a new DS, whether it's a new model of the existing machine in a GBA SP sort of way, or an entirely new 'DS 2'.
We contacted Nintendo for a comment and they gave us more than the usual 'rumour and speculation' answer. Which was..."

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Montrealien3819d ago

Quit with these redesigned crap. They will launch a new "next gen" DS with backward compatibility, simple as that. And it does not take theories like this to know that. It simply common sense, the DS is going on 4 years now. GBA had a shorter run as their main handheld.

Silellak3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Yeah, I agree, a new DS with a bit more power than the PSP seems far more likely than a redesigned one.

Also, wouldn't be shocked if Nintendo's next handheld somehow incorporates an accelerometer, in order to further their fiendish plan to make everyone playing a handheld in public look like a moron.

"Why is that guy yelling into a microphone and shaking the shiny box with color and sound?"

"Because he's retarded, honey. Because he's retarded."

truncheon3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

The original story is here:

Kotaku is not the source. Wish I'd seen this before it was approved.