PS3 Cell lets DICE push texture res "much higher"

Mirror's Edge developer tells PS3 has "a lot of little quirks that we really love".

The PS3's Cell processor has allowed Mirror's Edge developer DICE Studio to "push the resolution of our textures much higher".

During Decker's on-stage presentation he said that "thanks to the incredible processing power of the PS3" DICE was able to make its "vision of what the game really is".

He says: "The other thing is the Cell really allows us to push the resolution of our textures much higher and we've taken full advantage of that as well. So there's a lot of little quirks to it that we really like and our engineers love as well as our designers."

However, Decker refused to go as far as to say the PS3 version of Mirror's Edge will be superior to the Xbox 360 version, saying "each one is different".

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sonarus3871d ago

They are at a sony event, they are just trying to make sony look good. All of this is irrelevant unless ps3 version is lead

Feihc Retsam3871d ago

Does Mirror's Edge look like a free-running Time Crisis?

Hellsvacancy3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

the PS3's version will b superior although i think it looks crap and its not my cup of T

poos33871d ago

ahh this cartoon teasm fotress game ok why was the poos station 3 ever made it is holding back games as alwyas just look at gta which to me was a great game but had nothin new and could barely run on my freinds ps3 and was a 630p rezzz and had crap framrate compared to my 360 version , any way i read at a lot of sites its been confirmed the ps3 version is running in 630prezz ,while the 360 version is running in true 720 hd what a joke that is right ps3 games cant even run games in hd anymore when games gets complexed (the only complex game on the ps3 is gta 4) it seems like the ps3 fails to handle it, i think that why all ps3 exclusive are cookie cutter tbh the just bore me ,today you guys will glimse at something i don't think the ps3 could achieve gears of war is a gem you don't under there is no next gen game and p.s i always thought the 360 +ps3 were a pile of crap compared to my pc and i have played thousands of games and the in terms of game there is no next gen "console" game that comes close to gears of war 1 when playing with the 360 console it feels godly the controls the strategy the maneuvers look beautiful that games gives u freedom (if you have skills ) to do what ever you want i would say its a new type of gameplay i have never seen in anygame not to mention when i 1st played gears of war 1 i hated it i didn't get why there was no weapon hud it felt hard but after 2 or 3 days ,this game is better that gta 4 and believe you me epic have put all there cookies into gears of war 2 this company is over a century old ppl forgot ut1 goty ut3 goty and now gears of war 1 which goty believe u me today sony fans will be amazed to see what the crappy 360 can do and believe you me it will overshadow everything after the gameplay footage is released remember gears of war 1 when it was shown good day

Shadow Flare3871d ago

...what a life story. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

did you have all that time to write that crap because your 360 red ringed? Maybe you typed all that crap into a message for one of your loser friends on LIVE and the 360 couldn't handle all the letters. KABBOOM!!!! LOL. It's like you're 5 letters into typing that BS and the 360 fan goes twice as loud to cool it down. lol, what an idiot

Bigbangbing3871d ago

saying "each one is different".

i think it will be like GTA IV

resistance1003871d ago

It does look like the Ps3 will be the lead version for this game.

Fishy Fingers3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Certainly sounds that way. (kind of)

Seems now developers are getting their heads around the architecture they are starting to really enjoy working/playing with the PS3. With the 360 being so similar to the PC, code wise, the PS3 offers coders a new challenge, which many will simple reval in.

TheIneffableBob3871d ago

Considering DICE's history, I'd lean more towards the PC as the lead platform.

Shadow Flare3871d ago


It's like how Rockstar said 'it might not be possible to fit GTAV onto the 360'....crap, old, busted up, pseudo-hd system holding back the beast that is ps3, again

Phil Harrison Mklll3871d ago

yep. dont matter xFlop 360s days are numbered. then we can enjoy next-gen games just made for the ps3, like killzone 2 :P

360 man3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

yh jus like 360s holding back haze looool