Mario Kart Wii Tops 1 Million in Japan

Mario Kart Wii remained at the top of the latest Japanese software chart after domestic sales topped the million mark.

Mario Kart Wii sold 173,000 copies during the week ended May 4, taking total unit sales to 1,120,000.

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DomUltra3875d ago

In other news Coca Cola still has the same fresh taste.

SUP3R3875d ago

From the sales numbers for Valkyria Chronicles, I'm thinking they should have released it over here first. It would have sold a lot more than 102,000 copies in its' 2nd week.

v1c1ous3875d ago

you know sony has to step it up.

i wonder what would have happened if valkyria chronicles came to wii instead..

actually, probably wouldn't have fared better :/

BeaArthur3875d ago

Good game, the numbers don't surprise me.

jinn3875d ago

it's like GTA4 to the Japanese