Xbox One Disc-Based DRM Issues Are Due To Suspended Play, Says Xbox Support

This time the issue occurred while trying to swap discs. No hanky panky, no wife-swapping, no disc orgies, just standard game swapping. The issue is illustrated below, along with the complaint to Xbox Support.

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Agent_00_Revan1373d ago

"For those of you who don't know, the Xbox One doesn't automatically close out a game when you stop playing it. You manually have to exit the game from the “Home” screen. If you don't close out an app or game, it'll continue to run in the background."

So why the hell doesnt it close out a game when you eject the disc? How inconvenient is that?

Windows 8 does the same stupid thing.

cyguration1373d ago

I don't know who thought this was a good thing to implement for a console. I switch games on Steam frequently and it would be a pain if after you exit the game you have to exit the game again from the Steam client window.

InTheZoneAC1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

should bought a 4

kingPoS1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I think It might have been that DRM change, the one were you registered & copied the game disc to HDD. Er.. when MS debuted the Xbox One, it wasn't mean't to actively read from the disc.

Gateway MT6706 2008

dedicatedtogamers1373d ago

WTF indeed. This seems like a total non-issue. There's no value in fabricating "controversies" out of thin air when there are plenty of real issues that should be addressed in the game industry.

redwin1372d ago

This message happens every time you try to start the app for an installed game when the disk is not in the tray . If it happens while the disc is in, then the disc is damaged. It's happened to me already.

donnieboy1374d ago

N4G needs to ban cinemablend posts....

snookiegamer1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Why should N4G ban their posts? ..are Cinemablend unfavourable toward Xbox One or always misinforming or something?

Tyborg1373d ago

They should, but they won't. Any article that says anything negative about the Xbox One will stay forever on this site.

xHeavYx1373d ago

Boohoo. Cry me a river.I don't see you asking to ban Polygon

UnHoly_One1373d ago

N4G needs to ban Maria.

She is already banned from posting comments, but still allowed to troll by submitting garbage stories like this.

Hicken1373d ago

Odd, why don't I see you calling for Belking or greenpowerz to be banned? As far as comments go, they're worse than Maria ever was.

Don't get me wrong; anything written by William Usher should be launched into a black hole. But don't go acting like posting crap articles is any worse than posting crap comments.

xHeavYx1373d ago

Hopefully they won't ban crybabies, I'd miss seeing your comments

kenshiro1001372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

So because it doesn't favor the XB1, it's a garbage article?

Yet when a real crappy article bashes the PS4, you guys let it slide.

There's a nine letter word for guys like you.


UnHoly_One1372d ago

It has nothing to do with favoring Xbox or bashing Xbox.

It's just nonsense.

This guy took the disc out of his Xbox and blames DRM because he got a message telling him that he took the disc out.

That seems like a perfectly normal news article to you?

Ok then. Let's get some more of these kinds of articles.

"When my DualShock 4 battery dies, my PS4 gives me a message saying I need to reconnect my controller."

"I unplugged my Wii Sensor bar and now I can't navigate the Wii home screen."

Hard hitting journalism right there. Nothing but the best on N4G.

Hicken1372d ago

What does any of that have to do with Maria? Maria didn't write the article; that waste of space WIlliam Usher did.

Maria didn't approve the article, either. And since Maria can't approve, that also means he/she can't report the article for being the crap that it is.

Yes, it IS nonsense. Check the site's comments, where Usher trolls commenters and has his own personal fanboy squad, not unlike that other embarrassment to mankind, Tom Chick. It's a stupid article about stupid people, written BY a stupid person. By all means, let's fail the article. I'm right there with you.

But I sure as hell have never seen you saying to fail stupid articles about Sony. Every single one claiming they planned the same DRM as Microsoft is based purely on Xbox fanboy dreams, because reality is that Sony explained there was NO SUCH THING in February. You were a site member then; where were your complaints at that time? You made ONE comment about the kerfluffle that was raised when there were reports of PS4 problems; care to guess how many comments you made on the corresponding XB1 articles?

And all that time, you're in the same threads with the worst trolls to still be able to comment, and not ONCE do you mention them as being part of the problem on this site.

See where the "hypocrite" part comes from, now?

I'm not gonna lie: I do the same thing. I'll call out Xbox fanboys every day of the week, but I don't tend to waste bubbles on the stupid comments of PS fanboys. Then again, I don't have six bubbles, or ten, in the case of shills like JokesOnYou, so it's not like I can wantonly toss them around. I still bubble them down for trolling, but I save my comments for the truly ridiculous, which is pretty much only coming from the MS camp these days. Secret sauces and number spinning, "I only speak English" and the worst math I've seen outside a Pre-K classroom.

All these claims of this site being run by Sony fanboys... why am I at two bubbles, then? Why do my borderline comments never fail to be moderated, while the extreme remarks of others- yourself included, I've seen a few times- actually result in MORE bubbles?

You can complain about Maria all you want; until you're trying to do something about the trolls and fanboys in your OWN ranks, you're just being a hypocrite. Especially since your bubbles give you more power than somebody like me.

You hate this article like I do? Then do something about it. I actually emailed cinemablend about Usher before; they don't give a damn. So if you want something done, it'll have to be N4G side.

Between the two of us, who do you think the mods will listen to more? And this isn't even an admission of your superiority or anything like that; you're just as biased as I am, and maybe worse because you seem to want to hide it behind an "interest" in both consoles. But you've got twice the normal set of bubbles, and I don't even HAVE the normal set; who's more likely to be listened to?

Quit complaining.

UnHoly_One1372d ago

Hicken you make very good points.

You're right, I'm more vocal in defense of Xbox. I don't deny that.

The reason for that, though, is the environment.

Xbox is under attack here SO much, that I feel like I need to jump in and point out this kind of crap. If it was the other way around I'd probably be more likely to defend Sony.

But that's not the way it is. There are hardly any negative bullcrap Sony articles approved, and if there are, there are a hundred people defending them before I even read it, so I don't have to say anything.

Maybe that does make me a hypocrite, I don't know. Maybe I should speak up no matter what the situation. I'll certainly keep that in mind in the future.

I'm not trying to be one-sided. Quite the opposite. I'd love for this site to be evenly balanced. And I truly believe you'd see more balanced comments from me and some others if it was. But unfortunately, once it starts, this ridiculousness feeds off of itself.

I'll definitely take your comment to heart, though. I can't disagree with any of it.

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mhunterjr1374d ago

This guy is such a tool. The REMOVAL of DRM means that you have to have the disc in to play the game. If you swap discs, you can't play the game anymore. That's how things have always worked.

JBSleek1373d ago

Wait. So he is upset because he removed the disk and used another one yet can't continue to play the prior game?


DragonKnight1373d ago

Help me out here. This story seems to me be saying that the user had a game in the console, then suspended play (which kept it running in the background) and then tried to swap out a disc and got what they call a DRM screen. Is that right?

That doesn't sound like a DRM problem to me, that sounds like a mix of user and system problem to me. I mean, you can't seriously think that the console will keep a game suspended in the background while you play another game right? And why can't the console just end the game without you needing to go to the Home screen and do it manually?

mhunterjr1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

You don't need to end it manually. He's making things up.

The game will remain suspended until you try to complete another task that needs the RAM. So if you want to exit it you COULD close it manually...Or you could just play another game.

This gives you the option of instantly switching to something else on you Xbox (TV, Skype, IE, whatever), or even turning your xbox off. Then picking up exactly where you left off in your game

It pretty much works exactly like an iPhone in terms of memory management.

DragonKnight1373d ago

So then how is he having this problem? If the game would close if you tried to play another game, then he shouldn't be getting this screen correct?

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