Gran Turismo: 50 Million Served

Sony just rattled our mailbox to let us know that, presumably just as a single copy of GT5 Prologue was slid into a plastic bag and handed to a customer somewhere in Japan, that the combined sales from the Gran Turismo series have now reached 50 million units in the ten years since the series debuted on PS1. Attached to the press release is a handy guide to just how many copies of each game have been sold, but if you simply must know now, the highest-selling title (by a fairly comfortable margin, too) is GT3, with the god-awful GT4: Prologue registering as the poorest-performing of the lot.

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Vojkan3845d ago

Thats 5 million copies per year, wow talk about system mega seller.

Gunner_Ali3845d ago

The real system seller i cnat wait for GT5!

sonarus3844d ago

Prologue has already sold 2.2 mill. I'm guessing they are counting the downloads as well. Thats pretty impressive...for a demo:D

Silellak3844d ago

One thing to consider is that, for awhile, Gran Turismo 1 was bundled with the PS1, which is naturally going to increase its sales.

Not dissing the GT series, I've loved it since GT2, but bundles will always increase a game's sales subtantially.

shine13963844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

talking about bundles, mario is pretty much toppped out at over 200 million as franchise...its still amazes me that mario wasn't bundled this generation. wii sports is set to take the crown...25 million on its own...

edit: I can't see downloads being 'shipped' figures, they'd be rock solid sold... on that note I heard the chart-track are going to start counting downloads soon. i say this becuase I reckon psn games might have sold huge amounts. will give the wii titles a run for their money for sure...

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Britjadg3845d ago

nice to get the figures in one. lot of ppl have been saying GT5 wont sell as gt5prologue only sold 2 million copies. gt4p sold 1.36 mill copies and then gt4 (full game) went on to sell 10 million copies.

i think the full game will be huge, or at least i hope so. i love GT franchise and with additions like top gear episodes and stuff as DLC its just a great bit of media.

Lets-Game3844d ago

Top gear is my fav car show and GT is my fav racing game.
GT5 is all i need, until then prologue keeps me high :)

level 3603844d ago

To all GranTurismo fans' out there hear this - Go and read and be pleased: ( )


Condoleezza Rice3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I wonder if they realize that bashing a Demo makes them look like idiots.

gambare3844d ago

I wonder how many people knows that no one force them to buy that demo?

nbsmatambo3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

they know GT5p is also like GT4p >.<, in the sense that its a prologue...

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