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Codemasters grab the F1 licence, game coming '09

DarkZero: "Codemasters has revealed they've got access to the coveted F1 licence, and will use it to develop a title based on the 2009 F1 season. The game will be released on 360 and PS3 as well as unspecified handhelds and PC. They boast their game will be the first to have Lewis Hamilton make an apparence in it.

"Formula One is ambitious in expanding its reach with more circuits planned beyond recent additions in the Middle East and China. It is also ambitious in expanding its reach via technology" commets Rod Cousens, chief executive officers of Codemasters," (Culture, F1 2009, Industry, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

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rucky  +   2707d ago
Didn't take that long for someone to nab the F1 license. I'm glad too know it's in good hands though.
phantomfragger  +   2707d ago
Finally a F1 game for 360. gLad it went to codemasters too instead of EA
myke6699  +   2707d ago
If it drives like GRID, I'd steer away from it.
bumnut  +   2707d ago
agreed, i played the demo last night and it is awful.

nice graphics though
blu3print  +   2707d ago
DiRT with F1 cars now, just like how GRiD is Dirt with Tuner cars. They better build this game from the ground up, new engine and everything
iballa  +   2707d ago
F1 games are boring, real boring.
resistance100  +   2707d ago
Going to a developer who know what they are doing and not EA.

I suspect this is replacing the Colin Mcrae franchise for them.
Ri0tSquad  +   2707d ago
Thank god
EA didn't grab it. I'm glad Codemasters got it.
Kain81  +   2707d ago
GT5 with F1-cars
Confirmed by Polyphony digital.
So Two in One= Awesome Gameplay= Awesome Graphics
Kyur4ThePain  +   2707d ago
GT5 with F1 cars.....let me see.

Where is the excitement and spectacle of the Friday practice session?
What about the tension of 3 qualifying sessions?
The intrigue of a whole season?

It doesn't matter what cars GT5 has...F1 racing about is much more than 22 cars driving around in a circle.
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brothersimon  +   2707d ago
Not that I care for F1 becuase I think it's just a fail but Codemasters.. damn, u see the job they did on GRID? IT SUCKS!!

But like I said, dont bother me, im just here to lol @ fandroids losing another exclusive.
timmyrulz  +   2707d ago
Codemasters seems to be living it large this generation, bubbles for them
dcbronco  +   2707d ago
Microsoft screwed up.
The F1 license was an opportunity to help the 360 and future MS consoles in Europe. A huge mistake for them not to get that license.
resistance100  +   2707d ago

Not really, F1 games aren't system movers and only sell around 500-900K each.

MS needs varity if its going to appeal to Europe, wave after wave of shooters isn't good enough
dcbronco  +   2706d ago
Maybe not.
But whether it moves systems is second to just having titles that would appeal to other regions. The 360 doesn't sell in Japan because it doesn't have many games that will attract Japanese gamers. Getting that license would have shown Europeans that they are at least trying to get their attention.
TABSF  +   2707d ago
well got to say sony has done wonders with this series and it a shame but if its anything like dirt then it going to be great but if grid we are screwed.

btw people robert moore president of EA sports said they are not interested in the series as it not big in usa
PirateThom  +   2707d ago
I'll just use the F1 cars in Gran Turismo.
Revvin  +   2707d ago
Thank god EA didn't get it. Good news for 360 and PS3 owners as Codemasters develop decent versions of their games on both platforms and don't resort to poor ports from one format to another.
Avto  +   2707d ago
This is the best thing cuz' Sony was out of the running and Codemasters are using Sony developed engine and are better in racing games than MS, EA, or Ubi
DJ  +   2704d ago
Yeah, that always trips me out.
Sony helped build the Xbox 360 engine for these games. o_o
MS7XWDC  +   2707d ago
PS3 / PC F1 Game !!

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