Codemasters grab the F1 licence, game coming '09

DarkZero: "Codemasters has revealed they've got access to the coveted F1 licence, and will use it to develop a title based on the 2009 F1 season. The game will be released on 360 and PS3 as well as unspecified handhelds and PC. They boast their game will be the first to have Lewis Hamilton make an apparence in it.

"Formula One is ambitious in expanding its reach with more circuits planned beyond recent additions in the Middle East and China. It is also ambitious in expanding its reach via technology" commets Rod Cousens, chief executive officers of Codemasters,"

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rucky3876d ago

Didn't take that long for someone to nab the F1 license. I'm glad too know it's in good hands though.

phantomfragger3876d ago

Finally a F1 game for 360. gLad it went to codemasters too instead of EA

myke66993876d ago

If it drives like GRID, I'd steer away from it.

bumnut3876d ago

agreed, i played the demo last night and it is awful.

nice graphics though

blu3print3876d ago

DiRT with F1 cars now, just like how GRiD is Dirt with Tuner cars. They better build this game from the ground up, new engine and everything

iballa3876d ago

F1 games are boring, real boring.

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The story is too old to be commented.