GameSpy: Battle of the Bands Review

GameSpy writes: "Given the popularity of the Guitar Heroes and Rock Bands of the world, game companies need to be a little creative in order to make a new music game stand out from the crowd. THQ has come up with a clever gimmick for its new Wii-exclusive title, Battle of the Bands: musical mash-ups.

When you start the game, you must choose to play as a band that represents one of five different musical styles: rock, hip hop, Latin, country, or even a marching band. From there, you travel to different venues and challenge the other bands to, well, battles. Here's where the mash-up gimmick comes into play."

-The musical mash-up is a clever gimmick
-Attacks add more depth to the gameplay

-The simple gameplay quickly grows boring
-It never feels like you're actually controlling the music

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