GameSpy: Mass Effect Updated Preview

Gamespy writes: "So Mass Effect will be hitting PCs real soon. BioWare came by today to graciously allow us a chance to poke around with the latest version of the port, and tape the proceedings. While not a whole lot has changed since the game was last shown at the Game Developers Conference in February, today's extended demonstration put the differences between the PC and 360 versions in stark relief. It's no exaggeration to say that Mass Effect feels much more at home on the PC; indeed, playing the game with all the interface refinements introduced in the port makes you suspect that the experience is much closer to what the designers at BioWare had probably envisioned initially. Whether it's a product of an increased amount of time to cook the systems, or simply the nature of mouse and keyboard interface is irrelevant. The bottom line is that Mass Effect will emerge from the other side of this port as a more fun and functional game."

-Additions and refinements to the UI and controls will genuinely improve the play experience

-Draconian approach to DRM; no truly new content in the game

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