Blu-ray Isn't Getting Much Traction

Sony won the battle to be the standard for HD-DVD. Can it persuade strapped consumers to buy in?

In January, Sony (SNE) and its allies won a big victory. Blu-ray, Sony's version of a new generation of high-definition DVD players and discs, signed up enough studios to knock out Toshiba's format after a six-year tussle. This was considered a big deal because sales of regular DVDs have been slowing of late.

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AlterEgo3872d ago

would be in the exact same predicament had it beaten out Blu ray

Bladestar3872d ago

Maybe... but I think HD DVD had a better chance on the mass market... HD DVD drives are cheaper and discs are cheaper to manufacture... Studios publishing their movies many HD DVD discs can run on standard DVD players which are a great transition for Movie rental stores and for people to adopt it until they get an HD DVD drive... I still think Digital distribution would also kill HD DVD eventually...

Many people are happy with standard DVDs and the cost to upgrade is too much... HD DVD was designed to make the transition easier... cheaper... and also to allow people without HD DVD to be able to play the movies on their standard DVD... making the transition gradual... blu-ray is not that way.... adopt blu-ray or die!

CBaoth3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

two main reasons BR hasn't taken off - the summary

1 price - disks needs to hit sub $20. Example I walked past a copy of Hidalgo at Walmart for $30(US). Went to Target later in the day and saw it for $15.99. Guess what? - it's now sitting next to 300 in my collection.

2 better library - LOTR, Matrix, Star Wars, Indy Jones, etc... need the BR treatment. Simply put, gimme the films I want cuz I'm not holding my breath for "Waiting to Exhale" to hit BR.

QuackPot3871d ago

But once HD TV becomes the expected norm then Bluray will take off - plus the price will be cheap then too.

Reminds me of what will happen to Vista. XP is still dominant but Vista will take off - mainly due to no other choice.

crank3872d ago

It's been like a year since anyone even started buying these discs

Sit down, smoke a joint, take the fanboy hat off and cool THE **** OFF

Bluray is here to stay

Sorry you bought HDDVD's, bladestar

no one cares

Bladestar3872d ago

yeah... lol.. that's what it looks like... right... let's hope you are right... Sony depends on it.

Cynical-Gamerzus3872d ago

So WHERE THE FUGHK Are the Hi-def Blurays???
NO where!!!
There are only a hand full of quality AVC and VC-1 Blurays that look well like Hi definition and have discernible difference to DVD!!! the rest are crap transfers that should of never been released!!!!
Grainy ,chunky ,blury,ugly .

Pick up I-Robot on BLuray,I am Legend or Harry Potter OOTP!
Theese are Blu-rays you will Drool over ,they will mesmerize,you will never go back..
But pick up Hitch On Blu-ray or 300 or Robocop ,you will be disgusted and not convinced.

This is about 30-40 Percent of BLurays out there!!!
This needs to change, we Need quality control,standards and re-release I want a Real HD Bluray of Hitch!!!!!!!!NOW