Killzone 2 Evolves - E3'07 vs. Now

Killzone 2 Evolves - E3'07 vs. Now

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Relcom3811d ago

and the textures are crisper.

They still got lots of time to work on it now, so it'll look just right by Febuary.

sonarus3811d ago

I don't know. From the off screen footage yesterday the game was looking ridiculously gray. But from this screen you can definitely see a lot of color has been added.

IMO has more color than gears 1.

Homicide3811d ago

Yeah, this game has definitely improved on the graphics. Looks way better than before.

meyers3811d ago

Here is the E3 2005 vs E3 2007 side by side comparison:

It sounds like the next big bit of Killzone 2 info will be when they demo the Hellgast weather effects. Probably at E3. Should be insane going by what they already have running with 9 months to go.

pwnmaster30003811d ago

big ass changes first the color got less grayer(still pretty gray still) texture are really nicer now just look at the armore he is wearing and the face expression is like wow look like a real black guy on the screen and also look at the smoke and explosion is not there so you have to look it up

Condoleezza Rice3811d ago

The polygon count is absolutely insane,the lighting is ridiculously realistic,and the animations are as smooth as Eggs.

If the game had just come out,the graphics would be a 10 without a doubt.

Clinton5143811d ago

I'm still amazed that we've seen it all running without a hitch so far.

meyers3811d ago

"If the game had just come out,the graphics would be a 10 without a doubt. "

LOL! You think this game has GTA4 level graphics???

But seriously, this game is going to get absolutely destroyed in reviews by the usual suspects:


These sites are chomping at the bit to trash this game. 7/10s almost a certainty with some token 9/10s for graphics.

"Didn't live up to teh Sony hype..."
"Ya Killzone 2 is 'pretty', but..."

mistertwoturbo3811d ago

Gamespot would probably give it a 7/10 for the graphics having too much detail to look at.

trancefreak3811d ago

the game is phenomanal and how the hell i get banned to the open zone

Relcom3811d ago

I lost 3 bubbles for talking bad about the wii. Do anything like that?

juuken3811d ago

I've been banned too. Must have made some xbabies angry. .-.

Homicide3811d ago

I must lucky then. The xzombies get upset when I post on 360 articles. I get lots of disagrees and one of my comments got deleted by a mod on the gamer zone, but I retained my 9 bubbles. It sucks you lost 3 bubbles relcom. I'm pretty sure there are lots of wii fans lurking on this website.

Relcom3811d ago

the wii guys are sneaky

gEnKiE3811d ago

The mods here are a freaking joke....same with the site.

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voice_of_ reason3811d ago

that seems to have changed since the E3 '07 demo is the blood. It seems toned down significantly. When look at the one from '07 and now... it seems less gory. I don't know if it's just the lighting or what.. but I loved the blood effects from '07... they were pretty amazing.

PLiPhaze3811d ago

It's optional & has different levels of gore

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The story is too old to be commented.