Rumor: Microsoft May Debut New Xbox 360 Motion Controller Next Week

Rumors about Microsoft entering the waggle market with a specialized, Wii Remote concept swiping controller have been popping up for the better part of a year. Talk of a partnership with Gyration, speculation that Bungie had quashed a proposal for a motion controller tied to Halo 3 and murmurs that Rare was now tasked with leading the waggle wand brigade have been bubbling up rather consistently.

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pwnmaster30003871d ago

no wait it cant be 360 fans are always saying they never copy and others always copy them, but i doupt it didnt they turn it down already

EurogamerPs33871d ago

They wouldn't really be copying anyone.... there's been Motion sensor controllers on PC for years.

shelbygt333871d ago

Everybody copies everyone else. It's just the way of the game.

Tarasque3870d ago

Please, the wii copied gyro and ps3 copied the wii and now xbox. Who care's part of the game.

@EurogamerPs3, sorry there is so many idiot's on here to disagree when they even get straight fact's.

Breakfast3871d ago

Yay! Now casual gamers can experience RROD :)

Danja3871d ago

that was kinda silly but funny none the less.....

Condoleezza Rice3871d ago

Are Microsoft bothering with this tech this late into their consoles life?

If they REALLY think Nintendo's success with the Wii is primarily due to the Wiimote,then they are truly in for a surprise

wow4u3871d ago

Are you kidding? If MS brings Newton to market, it will be a 2nd, almost as large (and more eager to buy 3rd party titles) audience to 3rd party Wii developers.

Anything that can run on Wii can easily run on Xbox 360. No one thinks that serious games (AAA hardcore titles) can be controlled by Newton/Wiimote (it just doesnt work without buttons and sticks..)

Im thinking we're going to see it soon - and its going to deliver a massive shift in the marketplace. Only the Xbox 360 is going to compete with PS3 and Wii. But Wii will not compete with PS3 and vice-versa.

Condoleezza Rice3871d ago

Tell me something: Do you HONESTLY believe that Microsoft can shed the Xbox 360s hardcore image due to the introduction of a new controller,almost 3 years into it's life?If you do,then you're not looking at this issue from a consumers standpoint.

Let me state this as clear as possible:The number of people who buy the Xbox 360 for games such as Viva Pinata absolutely PALES in comparison to the number of people who buy the console for games such as Halo and Gears of War.Look at the numbers:What are the top 3 selling Xbox 360 games?Halo 3,Gears of War,and Cod 4.Notice anything similar between this titles?All Shooters,all geared toward hardcore gamers,and all known to be THE games to own if you're going to be playing on Xbox Live.What are the top 3 selling Wii games?Wii Sports,Wii Play,and Mario Galaxy.Notice how neither of these games have Guns in them.

You can not dispute this fact:The Xbox 360 has NEVER been known as a Casual gamers console,nor has it been known as 'that console you switch on when you and your family get together to play a game'.It is simply NOT a console that promotes family gaming,even though Microsoft have indeed tried to push the 'family' image,and to little success at that.Don't believe me?Look at Scene It's sales,then look at Gears Of War's sales.It's equivalent to Night and Day.

To claim the introduction of this new Motion Controller will magically put it in direct competition with the Wii and shift the market,is absolutely ridiculous.

3871d ago
Condoleezza Rice3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

"Image is nothing"

The moment you understand why Corporations invest hundreds of Millions of Dollars into Marketing,is the same moment you'll realize why it is too late for Microsoft to shed it's hardcore image associated with it's Xbox brand.And you'll also realize why it is too late to attract an entirely new market due to 1 peripheral that is NOT even THE standard form of Input for it's video game console,that ironically,has less than 5% of games for the target audience of the 'newton' motion controller.

"You will have Wii boxing and Hi def internet enabled boxing leagues accross the 360 with realistic graphics and voice chat."

So you think a 40-something year old mother and her 6 year old daughter care about playing Boxing matches with the best graphics available in Hi-Def?Signing up for Tournaments and keeping track of their stats?

*Pops in GTA IV* PM me when 70 year old women are interested in Chainsawing Locusts with their grandchildren

tojfs79313870d ago

Daft? Motion Sensing is the Wii's whole raison d'etra.

ip-student3870d ago

price and games matter. If you can get the waggle controller along with some cool game for a reasonable price then it will probably sell halfway decently (several million at least). Golf fans would flock to it (the Wii graphics looks so child-like - cannot see how anyone can stand it). How hard would it be to allow use of the waggle for some arcade games?

I think it is a decent idea - look at the success of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. All you need is the right game and you are business. And a RTS might be more fun if you have a waggle controller - it would be more mouse like when you try to select units. Could be a major deal. But even if it only sells a couple million that would be a success. And I know I would pick something like that over the Wii any day (mutters about overpriced gamecube)...

Tarasque3870d ago

If you think the wii popularity is not from the wiimote then you are sadly mistaken. Do you think for 1 sec that if the wii didn't come with that controller that it would have sold half as much, NO WAY. Show me a wii with a normal controller and i would have said gamecube and it would have probably flopped worse than the gamecube just cause of the fact. In order to create buzz or getting people excited about your product is by showing them what you are bringing to the table and it would have been nothing if it wasn't for the wii remote.

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Homicide3871d ago

A little late don't you think?

BLUR1113870d ago

i rather have the air flow controllor

ChefDejon3871d ago

if banjo is a waggle game