IGN: Mass Effect PC Hands-On

You may think of BioWare as being a role-playing game company, but the Edmonton, Alberta-based studio has a long history of dabbling with the action genre as well. BioWare's first game was 1996's Shattered Steel, a mech combat simulator for the PC. That was followed by the famed Baldur's Gate RPGs, but in between the company also made MDK2, an action game. So when Mass Effect hit the Xbox 360 last year, it wasn't too surprising that the blend of third-person action and space opera role-playing proved to be such a huge hit with critics and gamers alike.

Now the PC version of Mass Effect is scheduled to release near the end of this month, and BioWare brought the game by to show off how it looks. Instead of merely porting the Xbox 360 game and doing the minimal amount of work doing so, the designers went back and overhauled many aspects of the game to tailor it specifically to the platform. The result is a Mass Effect that should look and feel like a PC game, not a port.

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wow4u3870d ago

I absolutely loved this game. The next game cannot come fast enough, its just a wonderful new high-water mark in gaming.

It looked great, played great and had a terrific story. Its great that PC gamers are going to get a chance to play it.

Its really great, I highly recommend it.