GRID Demo Gameplay Video (PS3 Version) has footage from the demo of GRID. Taken from the PS3 version.

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Relcom3726d ago

This is a buy for sure. i played this demo so many times.

solidt123725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Looks really fun. I like racing through the city. Reminiscent of Midnight Club. I'm gonna try the demo today.

Doppy3725d ago

I expect a lot of 8.5's and 9's for this game. It's kind of like Gran Turismo, Project Gotham, and Need for Speed smashed together.

sonarus3725d ago

Take out Gran Turismo. Grid and GT are nothing alike. Not in visuals, not in car handling. The game won't be getting any 9's. Its an ok game but its too arcade

Ju3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I agree with the above. It feels nothing like Gran Turismo. But it has a feel of its own that I like. Its damn hard, though, at least for me. I liked Dirt and I like this one. Top racing games, IMO, better then Need for Speed.

nbsmatambo3725d ago

Either the guy sucks at drifting or its hard, and the flashback feature is awesome!

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DomUltra3726d ago

Grid.. oh boy, they didn't even deliver on their promise to rival GT5 as a racing sim, it's all arcade, the controls for the cars are wonky, and best of all some how every car has what feels like 500+ hp, come on now. Crappy DEMO crappy game, at least when delivering a new IP make sure it's not DiRT with racing/tuner cars, and a little bit of a touch up in the graphics department, what a friggin' disappointment.

I can't believe I'm gonna say this but FORZA is better than this junk.

blu3print3725d ago

played once and deleted it... it's a step down from DiRT

xfrgtr3725d ago

Totally agree,I've played for 5 min and deleted it

bullet3725d ago

Sorry Dom, But I dissagree.

I thought the demo was great. Been playin it all day..

WIIIS13725d ago

Dom is right insofar as he says Grid is horrible. I played it for 2 hours with a friend online trying to like it but just couldn't. Even as a non-sim, it cannot come close to PGR.

Ri0tSquad3725d ago

Codemasters make some pretty solid racing games. DiRt was awesome.

juuken3725d ago

It actually looks good.

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