Top 10 Games for Adult Eyes Only by X-Play

X-Play counts down the list of the 10 best games not meant to be played by the kiddies.

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Harry1903876d ago

good games in that list.

Harry1903876d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Bioshock,Ninja Gaiden 2,Fallout....etc,there was definitely some good stuff in there.

thewhoopimen3876d ago

I would've thought sexy beach 3 would be the most explicit... given all that fan service and full on sex scenes....

Nesu3875d ago

Sexy Beach 3 can be very can be very explicit, with the right mods. There are a lot of japanese modders that have made skins and hacks to remove any type of censorship and even add character models and meshes from deferent series. Theres a forum where you can get them. And if interested, try out School Mate, it's from the same creator, and even tho its cel shaded to make it look more like anime, it has more interaction between your character and girl of choice.

Oh before I forget, Kudos on mentioning Fallout 2, that game had things that most of the modern games have lost, and its the fact that from the start of the game, you're basically on your own. It doesn't carry you by the hand like a lot of RPG does. Fallout 3, even tho I believe its not going to sell as well as Halo, MGS4, or GTA, its going to be awesome and I do hope people notice it. Vault 13 for the Win!

Tonys Creed3875d ago

I think manhunt deserves a place somewhere on that list...

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The story is too old to be commented.