5 FPSs To Look Forward To In 2014 That Aren’t Call of Duty

Gamer Attitude puts together a list of 5 first person shooters that any gamer would get excited about.

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JeffGUNZ1101d ago

Some solid games coming down the pipeline!

MidnytRain1101d ago

Really liking how The New Order is looking.

nutcase131101d ago

After the disaster that was Colonial Marines, I will never buy an aliens game again...

dcj05241101d ago

Its ALIEN though. Singular.

BABY-JEDI1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Don't be surprised (if the game is successful ) they release an Aliens game next LoL

Wikkid6661101d ago

An announcement for RB6 would be great! It's been way too long.

quaneylfc1101d ago

is sunset overdrive even an fps?

Wikkid6661101d ago

Nope... Not a shooter, nor is it first person.

Gabenbrah1101d ago

Its a shooter, we saw guns in the trailer and I'm going to guess its a FPS

Utalkin2me1101d ago

So were going by assumptions now? Nothing has really been said or shown of Sunset Overdrive. Just cause it showed guns doesn't mean it's a FPS.

quaneylfc1101d ago

they did use this angle a lot in the trailer:

djplonker1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

I am only going to get two of those (destiny & alien) I will not buy an xbone ever and I am not buying titanfall because it is Ea and they have killed battlefield and took ms greed money to make it a last minute console exclusive I could get the obviously better pc version but I am voting with my wallet!

Ladys and gentlemen please give a warm round of applause for Ea's greed with the titanfall ce wieghing in at £250 ($410) it is gamings biggest rip-off merchants EA!

Gabenbrah1101d ago

18 inch statue... That'll be worth thousands in months... No need for the last paragraph, I can tell your still sour from Titanfall exclusivity, enjoy missing out on that master piece.

GentlemenRUs1101d ago

Okay now you are just trolling... Stop...

Utalkin2me1101d ago

Maybe he is going to play Titanfall on the PC? It's not exclusive to Xbox1 ya know.

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