Quicksave - GRID PS3 Demo Impressions

Quicksave writes:
"Along with the Haze U.S. demo, which I talked about earlier already, this week's U.S. PSN update boasted another demo of interest. No, I'm not talking about The Bourne Conspiracy demo. I'm talking about the demo for Codemaster's GRID. It's their new racing franchise. I went into this demo under the false pretense of expecting a non-rally version of DIRT. How wrong I was. It's not DIRT. It's not even Project Gotham Racing. It's some sort of bastardization between Ridge Racer and Forza."

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level 3603876d ago

Have just downloaded and played the demo.

Must say the Ebay Muscle Cup in a Mustang GT-R was the best part of the demo, the cars' are more twitchy and bouncy ( just an honest and valid assumption here ) than Colin McRae's: DIRT.
I'm not really a fan of drifting games, but must say the International Trophy in the Nissan Sylvia was quite hard and track is very difficult to race thru.
Most disappointing though was the Euro Touring Series in the BMW 320Si, felt the car would slide a lot like the tires are riding on ice no matter how good you can control it.

Love the in-car view, while the new "ego" damage system is looking good as well.
Physics as I'ved said is more arcade'y/slides a lot than Colin McRae: DIRT.

It says on the intro - the demo does'nt reflect the full version, so hope by the time it's out those few niggles will be fixed.

Ok, ok.

TresTrendu3876d ago

I think it is a fantastic game, It is meant to have a little more arcade feel to it and it does. Graphic's are some of the best in a racing serie's and me personally prefer this over GT5pro anyday. But i did hear the ps3 version is coming out with gridprologue then later they will get the full release.