Destruction video from Race Driver GRID

TISCALI Games posted short shakycam video, showing amazing destruction model of vehicle from yesterdays X360 Race Driver GRID demo when crashed to tires near Jarama circuit.

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LJWooly3871d ago

Looks great, I just downloaded the demo from PSN, I'll play it tonight.

level 3603871d ago

Have already dowloaded and played the PS3 demo:

>> Firstly it says the final product does'nt reflect the demo version.

The best part was racing the Mustang GT-R in the Ebay Muscle Car Series - twitchy and bouncy but really fun.
Racing the Nissan Sylvia in the International Trophy was hard as the track is quite difficult., still good.
A bit disappointed with the Euro Touring Car in the BMW 320Si, as the car slides a lot like the tires were riding on ice.

>> Good they kept the in-car view taken from the Colin McRae: DIRT title and the new "ego" damage system is very convincing.
Hope they fix a few problems the demo has before the full version comes-out.