Call of Duty 5 set for six platforms

DarkZero: Tony Hawk may be taking a bit of a break, but it seems Activision has other plans for the Call of Duty series as they will be making COD5 available for six different platforms (PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, Nintendo DS and PS2).

Activision publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith comments "For Call of Duty, we're bringing the intensity of the recent Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare title to yet a new military theatre to engage our significantly larger user base which nearly doubled last year"

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Silellak3871d ago

I have absolutely no interest in this one. Call me when Infinity Ward is involved again.

bumnut3871d ago

it was not perfect and you could not skip the cut scenes, but the multiplayer was solid and supported more players than infinity ward could manage! (24 for those who never played it)

thor3871d ago

Woah how many players can COD4 support on consoles then? Glad I have it on PC and I can play 50 player battles :D

jtucker783871d ago

Silellak - You're completely right.

I don't want a COD that can run on 6 platforms.
"Jack of all trades, master of none." Ever heard that saying Treyarch?

So COD5 is going to have to run on last gen hardware and a portable?
So a last gen game? And I assume the 360, PC and PS3 will only get updated HD visuals? Great!

There is no way they will make the PS3, PC and 360 play differently to the Wii DS and PS2 version are they? Too much effort.
Its much easier to tweak 1 version for each system.
It will be COD3 all over again.

No wonder IW wants to buy the rights to COD. Treyarch are making the COD franchise look bad.

RJ20003871d ago

So thor I bet your ass is sore from getting reemed by playing 50 person matches. Thats like trying to fit 50 clowns in a car. Looks funny, but really isn't that funny.

MK_Red3871d ago


6 platforms means it won't be as focused and special as COD4. Sure, COD3 was decent and this can also be fun but I'll skip this Teryarch COD and will wait for Infinity Ward's COD.

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JVIDICAN3871d ago

do they even atempt cod for the psp? why not be creative and make some kind of anolog add-on to go with the game?(like guitar hero ds)

TheEndzor3871d ago

Im not too sure about this one...

No infinity ward makes me a sad panda

resistance1003871d ago

No interest whats so ever in COD5, its just as well Socom and Resistance are out this year.

supahbad3871d ago

maybe for like 5 bucks i'd try it, NOT!

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The story is too old to be commented.