Review: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (DarkZero)

Dom from DarkZero writes - "To say the internet has a big thing for pirates, it’s quite amusing that we have never had a fantastic pirate video game. Sure, we have had games that use a theme around piracy, say Skies of Arcadia’s sky pirates or the pirate theme of The Secret of Monkey Island, but there’s never been one game that has managed to blend in the concept of being a pirate, exploring the ocean and visiting islands quite like how it is done in Ubisoft’s latest entry in their ever increasingly popular Assassin’s Creed series."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1559d ago

Beat the game just recently; the story is a little uninteresting because it has so many twists and turns that it's easy to forget what's happening sometimes, especially when you end up doing a ton of side-quests between missions.
But the gameplay is definitely top-notch; the combat isn't something you can just button mash through constantly. Sometimes even smoke bombs won't help, depending on the enemies in the area.
The Legendary Ships are absolutely horrific to fight, though; they'll definitely challenge most players.
I guess my one other complaint is that the sword upgrades feel kind of useless once you've acquired the Hidden Blades. I end up using them more than anything else in the game during combat.[maybe it's just because they feel cooler than a pair of cutlasses? IDK.]
The ending was pretty cute, though. I won't spoil it here, don't worry.

I'm really fond of the agility that Kenway has going for him, too. Reminds me of my days playing Infamous 1 and 2, hopping all over buildings like spider man hopped up on starbucks.XD

I both like and hate the Kenway's Fleet sub-section of the game.
Yeah, it's a great source of cash, but the upkeep on the ships and whatnot is such a chore, and the ship battles in that mode just feel like they drag on and on and on~~~
Becomes quite boring, if I'm being honest, so I'm likely going to stop using it and just stick to killing off ships and selling cargo from them.

I do have a question for those that also own the game, though;
How's the multiplayer?
I haven't dove into it yet, so I'm wondering if anyone has some tips for getting the most out of it...