NES Nudity Galore - The JUSTIN BAILEY Conspiracy

"This new short is for old-school Nintendo fans and gaming nerds. Surely, most of you remember (or at least know of) the infamous JUSTIN BAILEY code?

No one has ever known the origin of the code's name… until now. All of your burning questions will be answered in "The Justin Bailey Conspiracy"

Warning: language and 8-bit nudity."

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TheDeadMetalhead3874d ago

I'm sorry Mario...
But our princess...
Is a dude!

Ovidius3874d ago

for being the first person to comment one of my first articles! W00t!

TheDeadMetalhead3874d ago

And this is pretty damn funny! Look up mine of a guy "putting GTA4 on a Wii" LOL:)

Ovidius3874d ago

I'll look it up soon, busy busy at the moment! :)

p.s. i hope you'd return the favor(of teh bubblez!)

Brawler3874d ago

Wow that video was great. Awesome find.

Ovidius3874d ago

I feel so excited now that my article was approved and got to 160 degrees! ^.^.. So this is how it feels.....

SaiyanFury3874d ago

Hahaha I loved that code back in the 80s. It made the game so much easier. Although I was a bit young to appreciate Samus in all her glory. :P