IGN: Line Rider 2: Unbound Hands-On

Line Rider has gained a pretty gigantic following online since the game released in its flash format back in 2006, and after two years of video sharing and Tech Dog performances, the game is finally getting the star treatment in the form of this "sequel" production for PC, Wii, and Nintendo DS. Since the original is more of a working tech demo than a full-blown game, Line Rider 2: Unbound is really the first full-featured experience, and there's a lot of expectation to live up to with so many fans playing the already free precursor online.

On Wii specifically, there's even more pressure to be had, as it's the most expensive of the packages, with PC coming in at $20 even, DS hitting the $29.99 price point, and Wii sitting at $39.99. Will it be worth the cash?

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