Klei Entertainment teases first Don't Starve DLC

PSU's Adam Byrne writes: ''Don’t Starve’s only been on PlayStation Plus for a little more than a mere week but that hasn't stopped developer Klei Entertainment from teasing its first portion of DLC for the game...''

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rayzorn1616d ago

i didnt disagree with you i almost wrote that same thing down. then i went back to the website one more time then the right video appeared. was very strange.

but the video didnt show anything at all. just the dont starve logo shacking with sound effects like a giant was walking. so it was a worthless video anyways.

rayzorn1616d ago

glad we are going to get some dlc for this game. im loving it so far. if the dlc isnt overly expensive i will buy it since i got the game for free.

i would think dlc should be around 5 bucks since this game is a cheaper game anyways but i could be wronge.

GentlemenRUs1616d ago


What happened to the free content updates?

kB01616d ago

Says nothing about paying for it.

stavrami-mk21616d ago

great little game, tough as nails but great little game

MestreRothN4G1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I'm loving the game this far. Quite some memorable moments*.

*as when I spent a few hours gathering resources and making brand new tools to have the perfect load-out to explore the rest of the world and search for a swamp. When everything was ready, I departed and died 10 seconds later from curiosity + eye plants. HELL!

But I had a touch stone activated, so I got back there to get my stuff. Couldn't reach it. DAMN!

So I went to the pig village and bribed a pig to escort me. When I reach the eye plants with the pig (they obviously have devoured most of my gear already), the damn animal went ahead of me when I was attacking the plants, becoming aggro. And the plants still feeding on my resources. WAAAAHHH!!!

Finally, a few seconds after killing everything in sight, my friend shows up on my room to see why I was yelling and cursing so much. Totally justified!

Hm... And I still like this game... /sigh


On a side note, this is the kind of feeling you can only have in games designed with permanent effects to our deaths/failures, not in the ones with infinite saves everywhere.

kneon1616d ago

I just had a similar experience 5 minutes ago, I had everything ready for winter, heat stone, two iceboxes full of food, lots of jerky and plenty of fire wood, a large forest planted next to my base just in case I ran out, lots of other supplies ready.

Then I accidentally attacked a pengull and got killed, resurrected too far from home and didn't make it back.

How long does winter usually last? I've never made it through, I think the longest I've survived was about 6 days of winter.

VitaOwner1616d ago

I've made it through winter a couple of times. Winter ended for me around day 37. What I like to do during winter is make a chest next to the Resurrection stone and put in a winter hat or rabbit earmuffs and supplies to make multiple campfires so I can safely make it back to base.

MestreRothN4G1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

All I can say is...

I also think I disabled winter for my game... I'm on day 50 and I can still walk barely dressed around.


"Winter is one of two seasons present in Don't Starve (the other being Summer). By default Sandbox Mode Winter lasts for 15 days; the first day of winter will start on day 21 and end on day 37. This will change if you edit the length of the seasons in the Preferences. Stages in Adventure Mode may have different seasonal variations. Many things in the world change in Winter and surviving can become much more difficult."

This wikia also has a quite good ios app. Far from perfect since the images from recipes do not open, but it's still very useful.


@vita: great tip!

GentlemenRUs1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Oh yeah... Penguins popped up from the water and I retaliated, Biggest mistake ever!

I knew Penguins were evil...

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