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Hellsvacancy895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Come on announce a PROPER Hitman game, not like that horrible creation that was Absolution, yeah I know some of you liked it, I didn't, it was pointless using disguises because they didn't disguise you, you was forced to use cover, all the time

It did have it moments, my main complaint is the gameplay mechanics, and the soundtrack was terrible, bring back Jesper Kyd

I beat the game on the hardest setting, and that was too easy, platinum trophy in pretty much one playthrough (had to go back and find some collectibles and do some challenges)

FriedGoat895d ago

So true.
Although the disguises should arouse some suspicion.
I want blood money 2 with better graphics ;)

Lord_Sloth895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Hitman: Abomination

Sadly, my Splinter Cell has also become a brain dead title. WHY ARE THEY KILLING ALL OF MY STEALTH GAMES!?

N2NOther895d ago

They disguised me. Weird.

RE_L_MAYER895d ago

I tried to like it but the whole pulling a sniper out of your pocket thing got to me....and the ending seemed like they just didnt care anymore

Ashunderfire86895d ago

I love Absolution, so I don't know why people are hating on this game so much. Its the hitman game we all know and love since the previous games. Yes my favorite Hitman is part 2. I have been a long time fan of the series. I would love to hear an announce to Hitman and Deus EX for next gen.

Hellsvacancy895d ago

"ensuring the game will play out across huge, checkpoint-free, sandbox levels"

Now that sounds like a Hitman game to me

kane_1371895d ago

hell yes brother.
This is the exact thing I feel, absolution was bad and it seems that even they know it.
Just read that letter and it is obvious.
Such a joke for a Hitman game

r21895d ago

Amen to that, what a disappointing sequel to ever brilliant Blood Money. All IO had to do was to step up their gameplay from there and actually just as engaging story like BM did. Absolution had NONE of that!

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MrSwankSinatra895d ago

Mobile Game. Calling it right now.

KonsoruMasuta895d ago

A mobile game was already announced last year.

DanielGearSolid895d ago

Devs are just as bad PR guys these days...
All blah blah hype talk

CorndogBurglar895d ago

He's gonna be in the new Shaq Fu game.

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