Kid Icarus Wii Concept Artwork Revealed

The Kid grows up. First-ever artwork for Factor 5's rumored project, starring adult Pit, revealed.

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NDN_Shadow3607d ago

Does this practically confirm that it's coming?

nscope043607d ago

By this point I think it's a badly kept secret. But that's great for us, since we know about it earlier!

MattyF3607d ago

You can safely assume the game is well in development. We just need to wait until E3 for the official unveiling.

Relcom3607d ago

turn it into a minigame Wii. I hope they take it seriously. The old Kid was the bee's knees

eagle213606d ago

Here's to hoping it turns out awesome. :)

iamtehpwn3606d ago

seemed Almost twilight princess inspired.

LorD3606d ago

Some of my fondest gaming memories come from the original Kid Icarus on the GameBoy. Some 15(?) years later, I still fire it up on occasion.

Voiceofreason3606d ago

The original was on the Nes. A remake may have been on Gameboy but thats not its origins.

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