Microsoft attempts to compete with Wii Fit: 360 games are good exercise too

With Wii Fit encouraging gamers around the world to get up and active and selling like nobody's business in the process, Sony and Microsoft bigwigs, understandably, may be getting a bit hot under the collar.

Without the same kind of product, the latter of the two has found another way, somewhat desperately, to build bridges between gaming and fitness - by sponsoring the BGCA's first-ever National Family Fitness Day and placing Konami's Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 at the centre of it.

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Breakfast3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

The heat coming from the box...will make you sweat buckets.

I feel bad for the fat people who got RROD...they wont get a chance to lose weight :(

Not so much exercising...more like sitting in a sauna.

nintendostar3871d ago

I thought the 360 was too hardcore for casual games

Counter_ACT3871d ago

Seems to be. Not sure how well this will do, it's hard to say.

Amanosenpai3871d ago

MS you should start working on Halo 4 or a new SKU...

resistance1003871d ago

Lol no games really benefit you that much, even Wii Fit doesn't greatly. If you want good exercise take up a sport or go to the gym, or even go on Walks now and then

games4fun3871d ago

i have a game idea that would really help you exercise the screen says go run for this amount of time and come back afterwards and continues to give you instructions to do things... bu alas it appears people only just need to use their brains to figure that out, i didn't realize so many people didnt have brains (everyone who buys wii fit)

NewScratch3870d ago

i'm thinking about getting my uncle a wii w/ wiifit. we used to rent 8bit nintendo and jeopardy and wheel of fortune. maybe he'll stop watching so much westerns and baseball and start working out.

or maybe thats the point of getting old. either way, it seems a good idea.

on the subject, what ever happened to the games like jeopardy, wheel of fortune, family feud, monopoly for the consoles. seems like now would be a good time to bring them back...

princejb1343871d ago

microsoft sure are thirsty, they want everything everyone else has

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