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Driveclub Officially Delayed in Japan Too; Release Date Changed from February 22nd to "Undecided"

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just announced with a press release that the PS4 Exclusive Driveclub has finally been officially delayed in Japan as well due to “various reasons.” (Driveclub, PS4)

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Majin-vegeta  +   563d ago
Gawww that sux.But more polish time won;t hurt ;D.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   563d ago
Wow videos, interviews, videos, teasers, reveals is all we're getting with next gen. All talk and no play.

Just look at Watchdogs.
Riderz1337  +   563d ago | Well said
You complain that a dev delays their game so that they can polish it and have as few bugs as possible. But then if they didn't delay the game and released it when it was supposed to release, you would complain about all the bugs and how they shouldn't have released an unfinished game.

Developers can't win with some of you people.
Tru_Blu  +   563d ago
At least most of them are smart/not greedy enough to go the BF4 route.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   563d ago
@Riderz You gotta point. I just feel like I've been watching, reading listening and teased of these games since E3 2012.

I know some of those games , Bioshock, TLOU, GTA among others finally getting released. So its not all bad.

Watchdogs kept us waiting for a year in a half now. To me its like don't announce something that's not coming out any time soon.

Who knows when Mirrors Edge, Mass Effect, Battlefront among others come out.

But you are right I don't want another BF on hands with these games please god no. I'm wrong your right on this one.

I just want some of those games on my console already.
FamilyGuy  +   563d ago
Should've known something was up.
A couple months back they were releasing new teaser clips every day for like 4 or 5 days straight. They promised we'd get a full course clip of the game showing it in its newest build "very soon". Then two months past without hearing or seeing anything new from them directly.

Where's our full course video of the newest build?
Why is there still no official release date?
Will it be out before or after Infamous SS?

A least with the Japan date unchanged we had hope for it being Feb 22nd but now it's all a complete mystery.
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Magicite  +   563d ago
as long as final product is great...
patience is a virtue
Destrania  +   563d ago
As much as this sucks, only because I want to play Driveclub sooo badly, it's good that Sony isn't forcing Evolution to release the product before the developer feels that it's ready. I love that Sony is giving them the time they need to polish the heck out of it so we as consumers can get an amazing video game.
showtimefolks  +   563d ago
sony please give evolution studios all the time they need. This could be the true next gen IT racing game for ps4

I much rather play this in fall 2014 if that means its gonna be fully polished than have it early only to get countless patches
Ron_Danger  +   563d ago
Totally agree. With Drive Club, every delay has brought huge upgrades. Maybe they're just really close to hitting 60 fps and need a little more time.
Mr Pumblechook  +   563d ago
No one likes waiting but I'm happy to so that when DriveClub is released it's a more polished, more enjoyable game.
ZeoN  +   563d ago
Please....come to MEEEEEEEE!
Irishguy95   563d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
FlameHawk  +   563d ago
How is it "officially" delayed when they never even set a confirmed date?
Abriael  +   563d ago
False. The date was set as February 22nd on every Sony official website (as a matter of fact it's still February 22nd on part of them, since they probably didn't have the time to change it yet).


They even showcased the title as a PS4 launch title for Japan no longer than a month ago.

And the press release explicitly states that the release date is changed "from february 22nd to undecided".

That's what you call an "official delay".
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   563d ago
@Abriael Nice investigation.

So its still set for the 22nd?
Abriael  +   563d ago
@AngelicIceDiamond: no. A press release obviously supersedes even official websites. I guess the dates on all websites will now be changed in due course.

But before today the game was set for release on February 22nd in Japan on every official source.
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Theyellowflash30  +   563d ago
Good work Abriael, I'm a fan of your site. I go there for all my Sony news
Team_Litt  +   563d ago
I totally read that in Dwight's voice. Every sentence that starts with "false" automatically gets the Schrute treatment.
FamilyGuy  +   563d ago
That's still incorrect. If the devs THEMSELVES never stated that the game would be out for the PS4s Japanese launch then it IS NOT a "delay".
It's not their fault that Sony assumed it would be ready by then and didn't bother to adjust the date when the TRUE official delay was announced.

It can say a date anywhere on the internet and have Sonys logo right on top of it but only the devs can give accurate release dates. If the Publisher took it upon themselves to guess at one that's their fault.

I personally expected it to be out by then too. Figured they were at least somewhat close to finished by nov 15th and just needed a little more time. Not something ridiculous like half a year more. If they were so many months behind why wasn't the delay announced sooner? That thought still leads me to believe it won't be much longer but with this statement it makes you wonder what's really going on.
Abriael  +   563d ago
@FamilyGuy: you're absolutely incorrect. Release dates aren't communicated or decided by developers, but by publishers, who have the final say on anything related to distribution and release.

Sony is the publisher, ergo what's on Sony/Playstation's official sites goes.

ALL information on Sony/Playstation's sites indicated explicitly February 22nd until today's press release, still by sony.

Ergo yes. It's a full fledged delay under every point of view.
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FamilyGuy  +   563d ago
No, a publisher can make a deadline for a release date and the devs give feedback on its plausibility. At the end of the day the devs ARE THE ONLY ONES who can say when a game will be complete. They give their publisher an estimate and the LAST ESTIMATE EVOLUTION GAVE was Nov 15th. When they delayed the game from launching along side the PS4 there WAS NO NEW ESTIMATE GIVEN.

Publishers are in control of marketing and funding, they depend on the developers to reach deadlines/expectations. They have no control over when a project will be complete because they aren't the ones making it. They CAN push devs to release games unfinished if they consider it "good enough" but they can NOT create a release date out of thin air.

Feb 22nd was the PS4s japanese release date and they ASSUMED DriveClub would be released before that. There was never any word given from the devs saying that date. The date itself was published before the nov 15th delay announcement and was unchanged because it was simply ignored. It was never revised. You will never find a single piece of information from the devs themselves saying that it would be ready by the japanese launch.
Sony, the publisher, made an assumption. The date wasn't a deadline, it was just ignored.

ALSO, if "Release dates aren't communicated or decided by developers" then the DriveClub devs stating that the Japanese date was incorrect and having Sony officially change it wouldn't be possible. It was brought to the Devs attention, the devs then said "that's not true" and Sony THEN changed it. BECAUSE THE DEVS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN SAY WHEN A GAME WILL BE COMPLETE. Devs give the publisher an estimated release date, a date when they expect to be done. If publishers want it sooner they can choose to rush the project by adding workers, pressure the devs to work faster or they can choose to scrap it altogether and take a loss if they don't think the project is worth the time and money invested.
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Abriael  +   563d ago
@FamilyGuy: you can abuse all caps as much as you want, but you're still grossly incorrect.

The decision to set a release date and especially to communicate it lays in the hand of the publisher alone. Developers can offer inputs and indication, but in a relationship like the one between Sony and Evolution, the decision is Sony's. They can decide to grant evolution more time, and that's what they have done, but they take said decision.

Mind you, you're going massively off topic, because the delay of a release date is about its communication to the public, which always lays entirely on Sony.

Every single piece of official communication about a release date for Driveclub has come from Sony, not from Evolution, so Sony's websites are relevant. No matter how you look at it, and how much all caps you use. It's a delay.

You simply have no idea of how this industry works, and for some reason people calling a delay with its name pisses you off.
bobsmith  +   563d ago
maybe it come sooner? if not so many other games be coming out
IcicleTrepan  +   563d ago
hopefully this isn't like the grand turismo debacle on ps3 where it comes out years later..
Minato-Namikaze  +   563d ago
Dont believe GT ever had a date.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   563d ago
I'm guessing April is when it'll finally come out.
majiebeast  +   563d ago
If this is to get the game running on 60FPS im okay with it. Game already looks amazing from the new snippets of footage.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   563d ago
Yeah, the game looks crazy good and those snippets are months old. No telling how great it looks now.
memots  +   563d ago
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YodaCracker  +   563d ago
Well, that's unfortunate.
The_Sneauxman  +   563d ago
After a botchy Battlefield 4 release, I will support almost anything getting Delayed
DeadlyFire  +   563d ago
I agree 100%. Deadlines damage the product sometimes and Battlefield 4 is clear evidence of that.
Gabenbrah  +   563d ago
And so the dry season continues
Kayant  +   563d ago
So does your weak trolling.....
NaAsAr  +   563d ago
Sony, take as long as you need to get it a 1080/60 ;)
Team_Litt  +   563d ago
And if it isn't 60fps? Will you still deem it a necessary/acceptable delay?
Sony better release it before Project CARS. There's room for for only one definitive racing simulator on my Ps4, and right now Project CARS overall looks much better.
Team_Litt  +   563d ago
DriveClub is not a simulator. Nothing about those cars represents their real life counterparts except their looks.
It wouldn't make sense to have DC be a simulator when they already have a perfectly good simulator franchise in Gran Turismo.

Think of DC as the PGR of the PlayStation, real life cars and tracks, arcade physics but not all the way Need For Speed
snp  +   563d ago
Bummer, but as long as it's good don't mind.
Looks I'll be buying Project CARS then. I can't see Gran Turismo 7 coming out anytime soon.
90Supra  +   563d ago

god dammit...
kratoz1209  +   563d ago
well i suspect it will release after March :/
The_BoZZ1991  +   563d ago
Disappointing but when it's necessary then it's okay.
jegheist2014  +   563d ago
Shut infamous and titainfall on pc only games in March worth getting next gen I need witcher 3 any rpg will do ac 4 is good but once I finish I'll be staring at my ps4 cuz nothing out I beating sequence an day for over month along side quests I'm like 40 hours in on seq 5 with mass load money most collectibles got think I'm buying ps3 finally jrpeg madness flood Feb n March is amazing ff tales south park etc
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Budobear  +   563d ago
If the delays are still on going, what sort of state must it have been in September / October time of last year when they were still aiming for an end of November release date? Surely they must have known a lot earlier than then said that they wouldn't make day 1?
denero1  +   563d ago
had to get those consoles out lol whatever they need to say they will say it
overlord23  +   563d ago
What a bunch of idiots there are not many new games out at the moment for PS4 just Tomb Raider at end of month,which allot of people already have.
So many more people would have bought this game now when they do there will be loads of games which will kill their sales.
Good work there NOT.
Tru_Blu  +   563d ago
Just set a date and push it out no matter what? A game did that at launch for PS4/X1 and they did a tremendous amount of damage to the franchise. Any chance said game had of being taken seriously in regards to another franchise are now gone because of this.
Belking   563d ago | Trolling | show
DevilishSix  +   563d ago
Ok now I am a bit worried on this game, it just seems to be having problems reaching milestones and gets pushed back. There must be some development issues going on behind the scenes.
amnalehu  +   563d ago
There was never any FEB. 22 release date to begin with so how could it be "changed"?
swishersweets20031  +   563d ago
walmarts saying the release is march 3
Ripsta7th  +   563d ago
Noooooooooonow i have to wait even more for a racer genre on my ps4 -_-, i might end up picking up NFs rivals
AutoCad  +   562d ago
Forza 5 and Project Cars it is.
Adolph Fitler  +   562d ago
Buy NFS:Rivals, it has been my most played PS4 title, out of BF4, COD:Ghosts, Lego Marvel, Knack, Killzone:SS, & AC:BF....I've barely touched anything else, except Resogun.....Rivals is a truly awesome racer....it doesn't totally hook you at 1st, but after a 1-2hrs of play, your in deep.

And DAMN YOU Evolution Studios....WHY COULDN'T YOU GIVE ME MOTORSTORM ON PS4, then do Driveclub after that. I want me some redneck, offroad racing... Motorstorm was BY FAR, THE BEST RACER from last gen...No comparisons. I want me a version using PS4's extra grunt, & instead of just one location theme in the game, combine ALL of them into one game, so the dirt, mud & mountains from pt1, the island paradise from pt.2, the broken freeways & such from pt3, & the snow & ice from Artic Edge. Now that would kick some arse.

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