EDGE #263 - Review Scores

Take a look at the review scores of EDGE #263, February 2014 edition: Gran Turismo 6 and The Walking Dead S02E01 are featured.

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karamsoul839d ago

Gran Turismo 6 got a 7! Yikes. Not too bad, but then much lower than I expected...

BALLBAGS839d ago

your expected higher from edge?

Alexious839d ago

Yeah, EDGE really is a hit or miss nowadays with scores.

fossilfern839d ago

Its all a matter of opinion. Edge gave Infinite a 9/10 and I thought that game was terrible.

Knushwood Butt839d ago

Apart from anything, Polyphony has already made it clear that GT6 will be expanded on over time. So it's going to continue to evolve. Just take the Vision Gran Turismo element as an example.

Still, this is all a bit unconventional, and Edge would prefer to stick with slapping a number from 1 to 10 on a game.