GTA V 1.10 update needs Heists and Casino

Product-Reviews writes: Now that the GTA V 1.09 update is live for all players, most fans are surprised that Rockstar did not provide a proper update with multiple fixes. The 1.09 patch notes contained just a few fixes only, but hopefully the next GTA V 1.10 will be a major update – finally adding Heists and other big features such as the GTA V Casino.

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tr00p3r1562d ago

I don't think Rockstar will live up to the Heists hype.. either that, or they'll release it and players still won't be able to earn decent money from it.

ExposingLames1560d ago

I think its been such a long wait now that the time has come and gone. I think people will like them for a few days and then not even care anymore. I hope they learned a lot from this debacle. Especially the initial release omg.

Audiggity1559d ago

I think they learned that the gaming industry is filled with a bunch of whiny, impatient consumers who don't appreciate innovation.

And that's not a good thing!

"Let's just give them more of the same because we know it will work!"