Apple refunding $36m in kids' App Store debt

After one too many parents complained about their children making expensive in-app purchases, Apple has announced it will refund at least $36 million to U.S. customers. The hardware giant will also change the way the App Store works, hopefully preventing kids from racking up huge bills in future.

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Snookies121589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

They shouldn't have to pay back anything. The parents need to be more careful not to let their kids play anything that has their credit card info on it.

Kayant1589d ago

Yep. The whole situation is real silly. Well at least it doesn't really make a dent to them :p.

iirc the pin lock is not on by default right? Is so they should switch it on because that will leave all the blame & responsibility to the parents.

Jdoki1589d ago

I believe the big issue here was that after initially entering the PIN Apple gives people a 15 minute window before the device requires the PIN again.

So parents were entering the PIN for what they thought was a one-off transaction, but the idiot kids were going nuts and buying multiple times over that 15 minutes.

However, I think it's more likely that parents were just giving their PIN to the kids or not actively monitoring them. I know that I always check how much I'm paying for an IAP before purchase - I guess the parents didn't bother to check. Some of the kids reported were old enough to know that they shouldn't be buying stuff like that, and kids who are young enough not to know better should be monitored in their use.

Jdoki1589d ago

Congratulations clueless parents; your continued devolution of responsibility for raising your idiot children will now be rewarded.

Fishy Fingers1589d ago

If parents were 100% responsible, 100% of the time, they probably wouldn't be parents.

LennyLovespuds1589d ago

This takes me back to the guy who bought a picture of an Xbox One at the full retail value of the Xbox One, because he didn't pay any attention to what was being sold.

He got his money back as well. If there are enough idiots making the same mistakes, rewarding them is the only way to keep their future business, because it's sure they won't blame themselves for their stupidity.

TechNews1589d ago

I hope your kids do the same to you

Eonjay1589d ago

Well, technically the don't "have" to do anything. Its nice to see them doing this though.

AaronMK1589d ago

Actually, the FTC got involved, so this was not out of the goodness of their heart.

Enigma_20991589d ago

I see your point, but I would like to know how easy it's supposed to be to make these "mistakes..."

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artsaber1589d ago

I've played this game. It is ridiculous that a single car add-on costs $50. So it could easily be perceived an ill design to snare cash from immature players. The in app purchases offer poor value IMO. I mean $50 is the cost of a full production console game on a sale weekend... but for one car?! GTFO.

kopicha1589d ago

Need to thank all these legal pirates that rob people legally too. These game dev are really the virus and trogans or gaming industry. Imagine the original Angry Bird cost only $1 and you have a full working game. But these days they pump out everything with f2p + microtransactions in them. It is just a legit scam

The_KELRaTH1589d ago

and if you don't like the purchase you can't get a refund!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1589d ago

Blame the parents if you like. But the way I see it mobile devs absolutely love nickel and diming everyone.

Also, if something is quite clearly bullshit, it's bullshit. If you guys are telling me someone buying a BOX of a product they want(near launch of said product) and feeling like they got suckered because it's only the box, regardless of what is the item description that a pretty dick move on the seller's part to have that item up for sale, no?

kreate1589d ago

I agree. Obviously the seller was looking for someone who would overlook the description.

Who prices a empty box as the price it would be w the proper contents inside?

Its to trick ppl, targeting soccer moms.

JohnnyTower1589d ago

Why would parents get so mad? Apple already swindled them when they bought an iPhone.

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