Review: Battlefield 4 (New Gamer Nation)

The main contender against the arguably most popular franchise Call of Duty has to be Battlefield. Even though these two games are often compared closely with one another, they really aren’t that similar. They may be both first-person shooters, but that’s only the genre. Nothing shows this contrast greater than Ghosts and Battlefield 4. Like the title suggests, Battlefield tries to encompass an entire battlefield into its gameplay and man does it succeed.

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1616d ago
The_Sneauxman1616d ago

Why are there still reviews coming out for this game

SmoothC9111616d ago

I don't know!

Better question: how does anyone give this game, with its weak single player and broken multiplayer, that high a score?!?

Tru_Blu1616d ago

Not to mention the game still is losing peoples single player saves so they have to start from scratch again. Wouldn't be that big a deal if it wasn't for having to find certain weapons in the single player to use them in the multiplayer.

spike1616d ago

I still like this game. Best next gen game for me on the PS4.