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MK vs. DC: Scorpion Revealed (High Res Pic)

Following the buzz of excitement surrounding an image from Poland's NEO+ magazine, Kamidogu has obtained a high-quality render of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

The image shows off Scorpion's new fighting attire, which has seen a minor but impressive facelift. (Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, PS3, Xbox 360)

Fishy Fingers  +   2758d ago
Render :(

Probably "close" to reality but, Render :(

*hopes to be proved wrong*

~side note~ livid they're doing away with fatalities
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MK_Red  +   2758d ago
1. Dude, this is the in-game model! In-engine!
2. It's SICK! Love the bone mask.
Fishy Fingers  +   2758d ago
MK I'm still finding that hard to believe. Did you zoom in? There is some serious AA and detail going on there, to much.

Like I said if that's real fantastic! But I'm going to take some convincing, gameplay please :)
MK_Red  +   2758d ago
The pic is indeed a render and has AA and stuff but the model is from game's engine :)
The Closing  +   2758d ago
"Love the bone mask"
Exoskeleton, and yes it looks sick! Too bad it's not a normal next(this) gen MK though.
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MADGameR  +   2758d ago
Oh look
Its Mortal Kombat vs Don't Care...since I noone has ever told me what the DC stands for, I will just name it ''Don't Care''
Fallen_Angel  +   2758d ago
They only have to characters on screen is easy to go all out and put insane details in them. Oh and as for the mask I dont think its meant to be a bone mask. I think it meant to me a scorpion. The 8 legs and its mid section. The head and claws being the part just above his forehead. There are also scorpions side of the skull on his belt. And the texture of the black leather to make him look more scorpion like.
MK_Red  +   2758d ago
Good point Fallen_Angel. Hadn't looked at it this way. Still, it is confirmed that the clothes and stuff are destructable and with heavy punches, the masks will shatter so Scorpion's mask will look more bone-ish when it's broken or shattered.
Adriana Lima  +   2758d ago
it looks ingame
not too impressive.
MK_Red  +   2758d ago
Are you kidding? Sure, the game will probably suck but the image is uber sick and awesome and for an in-game model is insane.
juuken  +   2758d ago
I like his outfit but I'm still a bit concerned about this game. :/
00  +   2758d ago
scorpion with the best looking costume in the franchise is being used in the most likely worse game in the franchise.
d3l33t  +   2758d ago
are you kidding? mark my words, it will not disappoint
DomUltra  +   2758d ago
Looks more like a target render, anyway, this game is gonna suck though, they took alot of crap out.
Nitrowolf2  +   2758d ago
he looks sweet
im probaly just gonna rent this game
i just cant really see it.
No fatalities
It not MK that for sure.
BTW does anyone know when the next MK movie is suppose or at least is rumor to come out?
brothersimon  +   2758d ago
This game is gonna major flop..looks dumb.... HELLA DUMB
JadeTyrant  +   2758d ago
i agree...
this has ruined the MK name...what the hell were they thinking!? Mortal Kombat is way too dark for the DC universe
Ovidius  +   2758d ago
Blah, I lost hope in MK after the SNES days. Now DC vs MK? No fatalities? Worthless game imo. If they don't already have it, why not a DC vs Marvel? MK vs Killer Instinct? MK vs Street Fighter? Tekken vs Soul Calibur? Jack Thompson vs Everyone?

Wow that's a brilliant idea.. Hey if this game gets Jack Thompson as a secret character it's a definite buy for me. His fatalit.... oh wait... His special, spilling hot coffee on you.

Oh, and scorpion looks cool. Why is he always the icon of MK? I personally thought Liu Kang was the best figher of htem all. the Bicycle kick opening with constant air kicks and fireballs was unrivaled....
DirtyLary  +   2758d ago
Scorpion is Boon's favorite.
He'll always be his poster boy.
MK_Red  +   2758d ago
Nice avy DirtyLary :)

As for Liu Kang, I never really liked and felt he's not as special as other MK fighters like Scorp, Subby or Kung Lao (Who I wish was the main hero).
As DirtyLary said, Scorpion is Ed Boon's fave character and plus, Scorp and Sub-zero are MK's iconic characters.
Ovidius  +   2758d ago
Guess that makes sense. They also look the most badass out of all of em. I had always sucked as every MK character except for Raiden and Liu Kang. I love the noises Liu Kang, and Raiden makes as well. Hehehe. My friend and I had a blast with Raiden the other day. Hold square for 3 seconds on MKII and let go but don't touch the other guy. I don't know why we laughed so hard at the noise he made, while we were shouting "BOOGIE BOOGIE BOOGIE!" but it was hilaroius. I think we laughed because we were up playing old-skool fighers on the SNES for 2 days straight. We chose Killer Instict 2 the best out of all of them beleive it or not! O_O

CINDER FTW! ...Wow don't I talk too much?
MK_Red  +   2758d ago
I hear you man :)
Liu's sounds were pretty hilarious. I also love Killer Instinct but no... the best for me is MK.

BTW, Cinder indeed rules.
Dark General  +   2758d ago
It seems i'm in the EXTREME minority here but i'm stoked for the new MK game. I've been playing MK since the first one when i was a little kid and the recent ones haven't been all that good to me honestly. I like the refocusing on the fighting mechanics instead of just using fatalities as the main attraction. I'm VERY optimistic about MK vs DC and i'm very much looking forward to it. I want to see more gameplay but it's looking very good to me. Specially this new image of Scorpion reminds me of the original Scorpion.
Le-mo  +   2758d ago
If no fatalities = no buy.
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MK_Red  +   2758d ago
Ed Boon has stated in an interview that the next MK game will be a regular M rated Mortal Kombat :)

I can't wait to play the real next-gen Kombat with fatalities and this awesome Scorpion.
As for MK vs DC, I didn't want to touch it but this pic of Scorpion has made my kinda interested.
DirtyLary  +   2758d ago
Got a question though...
check out this shot from the teaser.


Scorpions outfit is completely different. Which is the current build? Is this new pic an actual ingame shot?
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MK_Red  +   2758d ago
Dude, that's not Scorpion. It's Sub-Zero behind a yellow-ish effect. In the teaser, there are only 2 characters: Subby and Batman.
DirtyLary  +   2758d ago
my bad
JohnnyMann420  +   2758d ago
Who f*cking cares....no offense.
Seriously... DC vs MK???


No really... Midway.... are you serious?

You finally hammered the last nail in the coffin in one of your last remaining selling properties.. it is really too bad.

I think Midway needs to take a good look at itself and figure out what they were doing right during its golden years and how that has changed over the recent years.

Let me name a few franchises that made Midway great:

(I am aware that these titles don't hold much ground anymore, but were classics)

Area 51
Cruis'n USA
Mortal Kombat
Killer Instinct (with RARE)
Pac Man
Primal Rage
Smash TV
Spy Hunter
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

All of the titles were (at one time) great games that were quite popular for their respective times.

When have you seen a company with so many memorable IPs just fail over and over and over again lately?

Pull you head out of your butt, Midway. Hire some people that know what new gamers want. Get creative, new staff. Hire some good devs with good ideas. Get someone with a vision.

Well ... you could always just give up... lol
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MK_Red  +   2758d ago
Good point about Midway, while I'm stil a loyal MK fan, I can't argue that the whole MK vs DC is disgusting and a sellout.

It's pretty strange how Midway succeeds in killing all of it's once great franchises. Seriously, they have all these arcade classics and not only ruin them with cheap games or sellouts like MK vs DC, they spend loads of money on stupid new IPs like This Is Vegas and even Strangehold which was decent but now worth the $30 million budget.
JohnnyMann420  +   2758d ago

I am not saying this game doesn't have potential, but I will say MK and DC is like oil and water.

ALSO... WHAT IS MK W/O FATALITIES???? (<- totally deserved caps)

That is absolutely the worst decision since Street Fighter the Movie (the one with Van Damme)

I know I sound negative, but if I was a Project Manager at Midway I would have laid down the following law:

(I just received word we landed a deal to make a fighting game for DC)

Me: "Sweet... Ok lets talk about the potential of this license..what are some ideas?"

Employee #1: "Well we have a strong fighting engine in MK"

Me: "Nice.. good idea. And how would we utilize this engine to make a good DC based fighter."

Employee #1:"We could add some MK Characters in there..."


Employee #1:"....no really. Then we could have the story that the DC characters are stuck in Outworld.."

Me:"Sorry man you are fired..."

Employee #1: " Wait you said there is no such thing as a bad idea..."

Me:"No Dude, you are f*cking fired. You have just proven there is such a thing.."

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MK_Red  +   2758d ago
Awesome one. I definitly wish you were Project Manager.
Xlll  +   2758d ago
Still don't care.
Lost all interest when i found out that i can't rip superman's head off. What were they smoking when they came up with MK vs DC. Well i guess they been running low ever since all the rainbow ninjas came out. (Don't get me wrong sub-zero is the shiz but come on did we really need that many copies?)
Ri0tSquad  +   2758d ago
All I care about now
Is the gameplay which will probaly be broken. Every MK game released after UMK3 has been fundamentally broken.
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Rhezin  +   2758d ago
agreed PS3 FAIL
TrevorPhillips  +   2758d ago
ahhh who cares if the game sucks or not its a game u play it thats it i mean u cant always stick with the same routine over and over again thats why ed boon started the game from the scratch to my opinion i think the game will be good
J@D  +   2758d ago
It's just me or this the worst crossover ever!?. Now, now don't yell at me yet I'm not said it the game is bad cuz it is not even out YET!... but the whole idea is just sooo weird to me.
Mighty Boom  +   2758d ago
The pic
is pretty.

Im still uber bummed out about the whole MK vs Dc thing :(

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