How GTA Became the Dragonforce of Gaming

Hardcore Gamer: Rockstar remains one of the classic innovators of gaming, letting loose an expansive, free-form-mission mentality that would pioneer the success of the “open-world” genre. Grand Theft Auto is the crown jewel of that kingdom. It’s an international phenomenon and one of the most important game series of all time. With Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar made the biggest open world of its kind, but despite its commercial success, the developer is simply giving into its own very hazardous addiction. Grand Theft Auto V simply exacerbated the recurring issue that has been plaguing the series since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, an issue that is continuing to drain the studio’s credibility in making top-shelf open world games.

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Snookies121523d ago

Lol DragonForce. I remember when they had some good stuff back in their early days.

Starbucks_Fan1523d ago

lmao what a strange way to describe it

creatchee1523d ago

For real... I guess that it's better than the Crocodile Dundee of gaming?

pandehz1523d ago

Skyrims world is so well designed. Love how the different regions blend into each other seamlessly and the terrain is slowly evolving right in front of your eyes in walking speed.

sonicsidewinder1523d ago

Sonata Arctica is better lul

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The story is too old to be commented.