GTA V PC Release News: Will GTA IV Modders Beat Rockstar To The Job?

A PC version of GTA V may be coming soon thanks to some dedicated GTA IV modders who are bringing Los Santos to Liberty City.

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TopDudeMan1589d ago

Hmm, I wonder how long before this project gets shut down? Can they do that? If they did shut it down, that'd be evidence that the game is getting ported, right?

PeaSFor1589d ago

if they make their own assets it wouldnt be a problem.

KonsoruMasuta1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I doubt they would shut this project down. At the end of the day, it's only a mod for GTA IV and mods can only do so much. It not like they can recreate every aspect of GTA V and completely ruin the chances of people buying the official release.

MestreRothN4G1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Sure it would be evidence. Like that other one: "it rained today. GTA V PC confirmed."

There's no reason for them to spend money porting a game to be played mostly for free on PC. Unless, of course, they implement serious DRM measures.

SaturdayNightBeaver1589d ago

You.. you know how much games gets pirated on consoles? ofc NOT so don't say stuff like that, it makes u stupid.

gedapeleda1589d ago

I would love to play gta V with proper vehicle physics

WeAreLegion1589d ago

I'm sure once it comes out on PC, it won't take long to get those. :) Then again, I really enjoy the vehicle physics in GTA V. It's no Driver: San Francisco, but it's good.

Hazmat131589d ago

It's not coming out on PC. ;)

SaturdayNightBeaver1589d ago

Rockstar just confirmed. PC version cancelled.

1589d ago
webeblazing1589d ago

sounds cool but i dont see the point of it. i kinda sad rockstar keep they most loyal fanbase in the dark. they could of stated if it was coming to pc back wen the game was announced and said it would come at a later date like most devs do. i know its coming to pc but i just dont see the point and not telling pc gamers a long time if it was coming out. i dont see the point in a petition either most gamers dont sign it anyway and i doubt if devs care about stuff like that. imagine if you dont care about something and someone knocks on your door with a petition. companies only care about petitions if it makes them look bad

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