Gamersyde: Alone in the Dark Interview

Graeme Boyd interviews Nour Polloni, producer at Eden Games, for the latest details on the upcoming release Alone in the Dark.

Gamersyde writes:

The release of Alone In The Dark is just six weeks away, and we got our hands on an interview from XCN with the producer Nour Polloni. Inside you will find their thoughts about the game, a confirmation of a demo around launch and of course much more.

· We still consider the original Alone in the Dark games as some of the greatest action-adventures ever made. Are you getting some inspiration from these games, in terms of game design?

Nour Polloni-
Our inspiration is really the very first game in the series. It successfully innovated technically, told a great story and pretty much single-handedly created a genre. Rather than direct inspiration in terms of game design it's more about our ambition to live up to its huge legacy of innovation with our game.

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