First free Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer maps revealed

Poria Torkan – Guerrilla Games writes: "Today we’re giving you a sneak peak at the first pair of downloadable multiplayer maps for Killzone Shadow Fall, inspired by key locations from the single-player campaign. The maps will be released to the community free of charge, and will be fully compatible with Killzone Shadow Fall’s Custom Warzone feature."

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BelkingOfSony1673d ago

Where is the killzone mercenary update with the two free maps and botzone?

Monolith1673d ago

Who's disagreeing with this. That's my only complaint about Mercenaries, not having botzone

abzdine1673d ago

it's coming next month if i remember correct.

maps in SF are really boring. i hope these bring some more intensity.

mewhy321672d ago

Here's another example of Sony catering to it's customer base. AAA free games on PSN and free dlc for one of their biggest franchises. Other companies should take notes.

SonyStyled1673d ago

i believe thats a february update if i remember correctly

showtimefolks1673d ago

can't wait to try em, hopefully KZ:shadow fall community will continue to grow as more people get PS4

Ripsta7th1673d ago

Its pretty decent at the moment, i can hop ina game in about 5 secs or less

MysticStrummer1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I'll be getting a PS4 very soon if I have my way, and I've been torn between BF4 and KZ:SF for my first shooter purchase but hearing about all the BF4 complaints is definitely pushing me to KZ. Free maps and having bots as an option are selling points also. If I bought a PS4 today I'd be getting KZ with it.

Oschino19071673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Wait for a BF4 that comes with the premium content if you must. KZ is very playable with lots of great additions coming.

I was planning to wait on BF4 but at this point with all the other games coming out for PS4 I don't know if I will even bother. By the time BF4 is fixed enough for me I will be playing War Thunder and Planetside 2 for my large scale warfare.

****"Surely they'll figure things out for BF5."
Hopefully it will be BC3 and done right, not to compete with COD and be it's own thing.

MysticStrummer1673d ago

"By the time BF4 is fixed enough for me I will be playing War Thunder and Planetside 2 for my large scale warfare."

Exactly what I'm thinking. Surely they'll figure things out for BF5. I may still buy BF4 eventually if I find it cheap enough.

Can't wait to play Planetside 2 on my PS4, and War Thunder looks like great fun too.

kingrev1673d ago

Let me give you few of my opinions as I have both games,

KZ - Very solid multiplayer, connection is great, best looking game, SP is just meh same as BF 4, now even thou I enjoyed the multiplayer a lot it got really boring after a while, same maps same shit and the thing that killed for me was that I didn't feel any type of progression, as all the weapons are unlocked from the start and the way you rank up is by doing challenges which sucks because is just lame in my opinion.

BF4 - Connection is stable now 9/10 times I have no problems at all, now the game looks great and is great fun and it has the way of levelling up that I like, as it motivates me to keep playing to unlock the next weapon and all that stuff.

So just think of what you want from you mp shooter and make the right choice, hope I helped.

MysticStrummer1673d ago

I do like a good sense of progression, but with many games that translates to the people who play more having better stuff and therefore owning the lower level folk. I do like destructibility though… dammit. I'll probably end up with both games. lol

showtimefolks1673d ago

get shadow fall not even a question. buy BF5 because for some reason Dice and EA didn't think about making sure the game actually works. and a lot of credit to these so called game reviewers who gave BF4 great scores based off the potential because most of us haven't seen the game work the way it was suppose to

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solidworm1673d ago ShowReplies(4)
antbolton891673d ago

Its nice when developers have respect for gamers

Many-hat51673d ago ShowReplies(1)
mo2411673d ago

Yeah it's usually not up to the developers, but with the publishers, funders, money makers, guys in the suits, Name it what you want.

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