Fixing Sonic the Hedgehog 101

Mark Reece writes: "To say that Sonic the Hedgehog has undergone a tumultuous journey since the turn of the millennium is something of an understatement. With the release of Sonic Adventure, Sega’s spiky blue mascot made the transition from 2D to 3D and has ironically never quite managed to gather much momentum in terms of popularity or critical success – the quality of his appearances having gone through more ups and downs than a section of Green Hill Zone – and while Sonic Generations appeared to buck the trend of subpar Sonic the Hedgehog games, the hopes and dreams of Sonic fans came crashing down yet again last year when the Wii U and 3DS exclusive Sonic: Lost World was met with a lukewarm reception; Sega either failing to learn from past mistakes yet again or, worse still, making all new ones."

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SpiralTear1618d ago

Look, I hate Big the Cat as much as the next guy, but when's the last game he's actually made a real appearance (not just a brief cameo)?

The fact that the author is bringing this up shows that their argument isn't well suited for 2014. A lot of these things are problems people were complaining about back in 2009. Sonic has made much more progression since then.