Pixelitis Picks: Games that deserve a dance spin-off

"Who doesn’t love a good dance/rhythm game?

Games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero are the gamer’s equivalent to karaoke, mostly because they provide perfect amounts of fun and embarrassment; something to whip out during a party when everyone is just the right amount of tipsy. It’s a genre that simultaneously takes itself seriously and doesn’t — look at the strange, colorful fever-dreams of Parapara Paradise and Samba De Amigo for proof that the Japanese are confident in their beliefs that there is a market out there for everything.

But when does a dance game go too far?Perhaps when the powers that be start releasing musical spin-offs of already well-established series. The disastrous DDR: Mario Mix comes to mind. On the other hand, these musical conversations can pay off quite nicely (as is the case of Final Fantasy Theatrythm) when the core series already has a rich pool of music to draw from.

Then there is the recently announced Persona: Dancing All Night, which may end up falling somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. A most unlikely spinoff indeed, its announcement has both befuddled and beguiled the Pixelitis staff. It also got our gears turning and our feet a-tappin’ — what other series could benefit (and hilariously so) from a musical spinoff?" - Pixelitis Staff

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