The Elder Scrolls Online: What we know

After years of rumours and endless speculation The Elder Scrolls Online is finally almost upon us. Can it really be the online equivalent to Skyrim that fans are calling out for?

Here, GameKeysNow list what we know about the upcoming MMO to date:

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MysticStrummer1557d ago

The most important thing I know about is the subscription. The rest doesn't matter much to me until they drop that idea. Drop the sub and I'll probably buy it regardless of reviews.

KrisButtar1557d ago

I know a number of my friends and I were hyped until they talked about the sub. Today its just 2 of us and we are unsure if we are willing to pay the sub or skip it.

That was over 20 of us down to, a maybe 2. I'm sure it wasn't much different in other places as well.

MysticStrummer1557d ago

Yeah I was very VERY interested until I heard about the sub. Many ES purists don't like the idea of online play, but I've played the whole series and being able to co-op with a friend or three is all those games lack in my opinion. I was hyped and so were my friends, or at least the friends who play games like this, but now none of us are even considering it. I'd rather have 4 player co-op than an MMO, but that's another subject.

Christopher1557d ago

$200 million isn't going to be made back on F2P. The first year will be sub to try their best to get back that money. After a year, they will implement a F2P model.

This is going to be standard with most AAA MMO developments.

MysticStrummer1557d ago

I'd be playing it on PS4 so it wouldn't be free to play anyway, but I think you're right about the year or so until the sub goes away. I have nothing against devs getting their money. More than once I have rented or borrowed a game, finished it, and then bought it just because I wanted to give the devs some money. If PSN was still free for online play I'd probably pay the sub for a good while, but paying for online play and then a sub on top of that… no thank you.

MrGunny941557d ago

If they keep the sub will end up as SWTOR and previous MMO's that attempted to "kill" WOW!

The best candidate who was Rift..Was doing well but decided to F2P.

Like I've said since 2006, WOW will kill himself.

sle7enn1557d ago

I may or may not have played the beta this past weekend...(NDA) Its 100% worth the sub thus far, plus it weeds out the trash.

BlueCroup1556d ago

Hopefully there will be enough content to justify the sub. SWTOR fell down due to a lack of content post endgame.