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PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U - Global Launch Sales Comparison

"In this third article we will be comparing the aligned launches of the three 8th generation home consoles worldwide. The Wii U launched on November 18, 2012, the PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013 and the Xbox One on November 22, 2013.

The Xbox One the biggest opening week with sales of 1,125,874. The PlayStation 4 launched with sales of 1,051,921 and the Wii U with sales of 472,099. However, the Xbox One launched in North America and Europe during the same week, while the PlayStation 4 just launched in North America on November 15. It would be released in Europe two weeks later on November 29." (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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BelkingOfSony  +   593d ago
PS4 World Domination!
MysticStrummer  +   593d ago
lol @ your name

Looking at that chart, it shows exactly what I was talking about on here yesterday. XB1 is available and PS4 largely isn't, though both had a comparable drop off in sales after Christmas. XB1 sales are starting to flatten out, while PS4's are still trending in a more upward direction. Of course, it is vgchartz so we'll have to wait for the official numbers.
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BelkingOfSony  +   593d ago
PS4 sold in the US what Microsoft sold in the US AND Europe, as soon as you add in the PS4 Europe numbers, PS4 would be miles ahead despite the supply being lower than demand, and ps4's selling out within minutes of being in stock. Yes I know it's vgchartz but they have history of undertracking sony console sales, which happened regularly for the ps3.
Highlife  +   593d ago
I have to rid myself of this site. I did something yesterday I never do. I counted the boxes at my local Sam's club. I was returning a pair of headphones and in the cage where they keep all the expensive gadgets and systems there were 12 xboxones and zero ps4s. This is in Joliet IL. I guess it's just an observation cause I really don't care who sells more. It's about the games.

Hooray for games
MysticStrummer  +   593d ago
@Highlife - I don't go looking so I can document console inventory, but I've been browsing for a TV lately and I want to get a PS4 soon after, so I glance at the console supply while I'm in the stores. I'm more interested in the lack of PS4s than I am the abundance of available XB1s, but they're generally right next to each other so the empty shelves next to the stocked shelves is a funny sight.

But hooray for games indeed. It's gonna be a great year for fans of both consoles and those who bought both will get to play it all. I'm just a single console per generation kinda guy myself because buying games for multiple platforms isn't something that interests me so I pick the one that has the most of what I want. Sony has been my go to console since PS1 and will continue to be until someone dethrones them in my personal gaming world.
tordavis  +   592d ago
Last gen Playstation heads did NOT CARE ABOUT SALES! This gen, that's all they talk about. Xbox heads DID NOT CARE ABOUT EXCLUSIVES! This gen, that's all they talk about.

Nothing will ever change. STFUandPlay!
respect-sony  +   592d ago
ppl take vgchartz seriously its just prediction and sometimes its off by millions
my problem with this site is that they dont say they do prediction they make people think its facts and stealthy update their number when the true numbers come

and that why i have no respect for this site
Mister_Dawg  +   593d ago
This must be article number 23948547889695 regarding launch sales.

Dull. Dull. And dull again.
MegaRay  +   593d ago
ITS OVER 9000!
captain_slow82  +   593d ago
but if it was in xbones favour you be all for this type of article wouldnt you ;)
Mister_Dawg  +   592d ago
On the contrary Mr Slow, I'd still be bored to tears if XB1 was fist pumping the PS4. But I admit, I'd find it a little funnier ;-)
mmc-007   593d ago | Trolling | show
TheGrimReaper0011  +   593d ago
Damn, at 2 to 3, you really see europe's inpact on ps4 sales
truefan1  +   593d ago
Is it so much to ask for a by country analysis. The ps4 fanboys just refuse to acknowledge those other 24 countries do make a difference in worldwide sales, in terms of XB1 vs ps4. According to them those countries would only add up to 1000 units. In any case I still expect ps4 to outsell XB1, but I bet its far from the domination/obliteration crap they spew. Not to mention holiday season 2014 will be XB1 owned because it will probably have had a price drop, plus Halo 5 will be going up against nothing from the ps4. Also Titanfall may be a system mover if the user reviews come back positive, a bit of momentum was stalled with the 6v6 announcement, mainly from ps4 players, but that is an old story.
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Ripsta7th   593d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
MysticStrummer  +   593d ago
"The ps4 fanboys just refuse to acknowledge those other 24 countries do make a difference in worldwide sales"

I see XB1 fans make this claim but never see PS4 fans saying it. Of course those other countries make a difference, that was talked about extensively leading up to launch, but the bigger markets do get far more units.
truefan1  +   593d ago
LOL Look two posts below this one, he says hardly make a dent. I would estimate those 24 smaller countries make up at least make up 500,000 units.
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curtis92  +   593d ago
@truefan1 I said many of the smaller countries hardly make a dent, not all. You are free, however, to read into whatever I say however you want if it makes you feel any better.
MasterCornholio  +   593d ago
You OK there big guy?

Sounds like your suffering from a meltdown.
curtis92  +   593d ago
PS4 has released in a lot of super small countries in addition to the big ones. MS has only focused on the big ones (where ps4 is still outselling xb1, btw). So while I see the point you're trying to make, MANY of the countries PS4 has launched in are so small they'd hardly make a dent. But yes, if you want to ignore country size and focus on only the number of countries, you get MS is selling at a higher volume per country. But that would be a gross oversimplification and would be very misleading. If you're a fan of MS though you're probably fine with that approach.
MysticStrummer  +   593d ago
"LOL Look two posts below this one, he says hardly make a dent. I would estimate those 24 smaller countries make up at least make up 500,000 units."

He said many of them are so small as to hardly make a dent, and he's right. You're acting like he said all of them combined hardly make a dent.

What do you base your 500k number on, exactly?
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mmc-007  +   593d ago
lake of brain cells is strong with this one, MS & Sony make around the same amount of consoles each month. What Sony did is spread their stock around small/big countries and MS just dumped their total stock on the US, now everyone is getting PS4 around the world => people see other people with PS4's => they forget about xbox one => PS4 wins. That's how people work, that's why MS got so many people during the 360's gen it came out a year before the PS3. However they don't have this advantage this time. " http://www.amazon.com/best-... Just have a look on amazon the PS4 has been sold out for weeks and still the Xbox one hasn't caught up (while being in stock lmao). You see all this "PS4 has released in more countries" is just something that keeps people like you sleeping at night.

#reality check
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ABizzel1  +   593d ago

Even if that's the case, if you want to get technical the PS brand has outsold the Xbox brand in "Rest of World" markets ALWAYS, so at best the XBO wouldn't be behind by 1+ million consoles.

Demand for the PS4 and XBO in the US are basically neck and neck; however, EU, more than likely Japan, and the rest of the world have favored PS for the last 2 generations over Xbox.

The sales game is a game you don't want to play. Spin the number; however, you want, but the facts are the Xbox brand has NEVER outsold the PS brand when it's all said and done. They had the lead with the 360, but not anymore, thanks to Japan, EU, and "Rest of the World".

If M$ wants to catch up in sales, then they need to take Kinect out and make it optional, that way they can instantly launch in more regions, and cut the price down to a more reasonable $349 - $379.

If they are stubborn and keep Kinect bundled in, then they're best off subsidizing in the US ASAP with a major TV provider, so they can sell consoles by the millions to new subscribers (A promotion would probably give you an XBO for $299 w. a 2 year contract). But EU isn't going to work as well, and they're still stuck with the current problem of not being able to launch into other regions until late 2014.

And as it's been revealed MS and Sony have similar production flows, the FACTS that you desperately try to avoid is that the PS4 simply has more demand than the XBO at this time.

Then you talk about PS4 having nothing for 2014, just shut up. For once Sony isn't letting everything leak, compared to MS who had to show all their games for the next year and a half to make up for their reveal blunder. Talk about having no games after E3 show up, matter of fact go watch IGN's 40+ PS4 games for 2014.
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truefan1  +   593d ago
@mmc my goodness you aren't very smart. A company manufactures for the amount of customers they plan to sell to. PS4 is being sold to more people in more countries, so technically they will produce more.

@Abizzle there is a reason you follow these articles and not in school, you have very low reading comprehension. My original post says I expect ps4 to outsell XB1, my point was that worldwide sales is not a legitimate comparison, there is nothing apples to apples about that. Also Sony is always releasing good news when they have, the fact is the #1 ps4 game is a 4$ indy game lol and for the rest of 2014 a bunch of rehashed exclusives. Ignore the facts all you want, ps4 is supposed to be the console for gamers, yet have no games to play. As I said greatness awaits...until at least 2015. More people are buying a ps4 because of a dislike for Microsoft, than an actually a like for the ps4, its been displayed on this ps4 fanboy site. At least XB1 gamers are enjoying their consoles and bought them because they actually want to play it.
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mmc-007  +   593d ago
you made me lol even more, do you really think they can make more PS4's just because its sold to more people (even tho it released in the same amount of countries)? If this were true, MS would have done the same. Its not like Sony can force AMD to make more chip-sets. And its already been said (even before the consoles released) that they make around the same amount.
kneon  +   593d ago
It really makes no difference how many countries they have launched in as they aren't meeting demand. The sales are supply constrained, not demand constrained.

So if they had launched in fewer countries sales would still be pretty much where they are. Is that really that hard to understand?
Ripsta7th  +   593d ago
So ps4 sold is the US the same amount the x1 sold in europe and US? Damn Ps4 is hella dmonitaing and Japan jasnt even receive their batches of ps4
Meltic  +   593d ago
why care about console war .. what you developers have to do is concentrate on releasing games on time and give us release dates to make us customers happy. No matter system
MasterCornholio  +   593d ago
Wow PS4 is doing great.

MadMen  +   593d ago
WiiU is dead, shouldnt even be on this list, its last gen tech, sales are a joke.

PS4 and Xbox One having solid ROI so far.
akurtz  +   592d ago
Dont dominate me please
sAVAge_bEaST  +   592d ago
Remember,,, "This is only the beginning"

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