MadCatz Mojo “We Swear It’s Not an OUYA” Microconsole

B-TEN's Nathaniel gives his thoughts on MadCatz' new console and the rise of mobile games consoles.

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PeaSFor1617d ago

but it will still flop like an Ouya

Blues Cowboy1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I don't see any future in the Android microconsoles. They're a year or two too late - now most new phones and tabs are capable of being connected to a TV and a controller, and provide exactly the same functionality. Plus, sorry, but for the price of a MOJO you could get a pre-owned or basic PS3 and/or X360!

I do have a soft spot for the NVIDIA Shield, though. It's silly and stupidly expensive, but if you're paying big money for an Android console, at least get one that you can carry around and stream PC games on... (yes I know there are remote streaming projects in the works).

BenqMagician1616d ago

I live in Canada and it's priced 259.99 that's crazy. I want one but it's too much if it was 199.99 I'd buy it. I think the idea is great but if Madcatz was serious they would market it. Show off some games and what the console can do. Sad thing is if you strap on a Sega symbol it would sell like hot cakes.