Xbox One Kinect and its utter failure for first time users

It's not all smiley faces and a show of white teeth in Microsoft's vision of a Kinect inspired household as experienced by real people.

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n4rc1468d ago

So... Kinect is a failure because some people are too stupid to learn a couple commands?

I don't follow the logic.. Some people are too stupid to use ATM machines but that doesn't mean they are hard to use or a failure..

Some people just arent that bright when it comes to anything related to technology.. Its not the techs fault at a certain point, its the users.

truefan11468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

This was written by a ps4 fan, Kinect is awesome. People just make up problems or don't even try to learn the correct commands.

Shinuz1468d ago

Well if its the same thing as on the 360 then it doesn't really work all that great, mine would constantly lose tracking of us, sometimes we could play for about 1 hour before it starts happening and sometimes after only about 15 minutes of playing, we needed to walk out of the camera's range and then come back for it to pick us up.

And that's in two completely different apartment, one with a small room and another with a large room, tried with lights on-off, curtains closed-open.
It looked cool on paper and the videos but in real life it wasn't all that great.

BallsEye1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I had old kinect which wasnt working well as you said. New one however did deliver in every way. Cant imagine using my xo without one now.

KennersEd1468d ago

Please provide proof that this piece was written by a so-called "PS4 fan"

Seriously why does any negativity towards Microsoft instantly branded as coming from a Sony fanboy?

all fanboys are bad news to gaming,
Grow Up.

truefan11468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

@Shinuz, you just cleared it up nicely, without even knowing it. 90% of the people bash it, have never even tried it, you kind of just proved my point. Its called Kinect 2.0 for a reason, its a significant upgrade, but I guess only people who have it will know.

Volkama1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Just being pedantic here, but it's not actually called Kinect 2. Not officially anyway.

raWfodog1468d ago

I disagreed with your point that this was written by a PS4 fan. The author clearly does not mention PS4 anywhere in the article and states that he uses the Kinect with a high success rate. His article centers around his girlfriend's problem with using it since she is clearly more of a casual player. His complaint was that it was not optimized for non-techy, first-time, casual users.

Don't get sucked in by provocative titles.

truefan11468d ago

I read the article, I came up with that conclusion becuase I don't see an XB1 user who has used it call it a failure. This sounds like the people who make up that they had a 360 last gen, but are switching to ps4 this gen. Its not as complicated as he and his title make it seem.

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Volkama1468d ago

My 5 year old can operate Kinect just fine. At first every time I'd say "XBox show my games and apps" he'd respond with "no Xbox, show our games and apps" but apart from that he picked it up immediately.

The only trip up for normal people is the whole "XBox On/XBox Turn Off". They should make "Xbox turn on" work just for consistency.

Charybdis1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

For first time users (mind the first time) it can certainly be a hassle, the xb1 should definitely allow for more flexibility in the wording of commands and like mentioned in the article better tutorials for systems and its functions would also be great.

Also think using hdmi in to watch tv is a choice not a must. For people wanting both a splitter might also be a good alternative. Try it don´t like it unplug it use splitter either way its a possibility.

We are all critics and thats a good thing Microsoft should keep improving their software while keeping in mind that their system might also be used by first timers non-gamers and non tech savy people.

MetaReapre1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Well i haven't read the article all the way through, but i can safely say that it's not quite that it fails but it is kinda bad. As you've seen in most xb1/kinect 2 reviews stating when it works it's great. However, they do emphasize the "when it works" part. In all honesty, the kinect still doesn't respond better than a controller and therefore i feel that the kinect is needless. I don't own an xb1, but my best friend does and he just leaves it disconnected because he finds a controller better anyway. I've tried it, of course, because it seemed like it would be amusing and it is. It's just a little troubling when it doesn't want to recognize your hand though (i didn't try the voice things though, I'm a quiet person and would prefer not to talk to the machine). And just to throw it out there, yes I bought a ps4 over an xb1.

n4rc1468d ago

Whole different animal.. The gesture control is pretty bad..

Voice on the other hand works almost perfectly.. It has a few drawbacks that come with all voice technology so it's not a knock against kinect itself.. Noise or inability to interpret incorrect commands etc

Bigpappy1468d ago

You are tripping up a bit there because your friend would not have to go through the trouble of disconnecting Kinect to exclusively use the controller. Disconnection it is actually more of an annoyance than leaving it connected.

MetaReapre1465d ago

He disconnected it to save space around his TV, he has a lot of electronics and stuff like a ps3, 360 and now an xb1 with a really nice surround sound and all. He doesn't have the space to waste on something he doesnt use.

malokevi1468d ago

I'm a first time user, and couldn't be happier. They work so well, that my PS4 barely get's any action. The number of steps that Kinect cuts out of my consoles use means that my PS4 is only on when I want to play games... and with BF4 on my Xbox, there's only so much I play Warthunder and KZ.

Kinect has very much changed the way I look at console interaction. Makes navigation a million times easier. Whether I'm using Kinect, Xbox Music, Bluray, opening apps, or launching games, things are so much easier with kinect around that I can't imagine going back. Most of the time I don't even know where my controller is, doesn't even occur to me to look until I want to play a game. It's a good feeling, having my hands busy with one thing while being fully functional on the console.

I don't need anyone to tell me that the Kinect doubters are fanboys and desperate "journalists". It's just a fact. Like the sky being blue. My experience with Kinect confirms to me that articles like this are nothing more than fodder for the people who desperately want Kinect to be bad. Kinect is one of the primary reasons I will be getting all my multiplatform titles on my X1 this generation.

otherZinc1468d ago

You know, it's a shame these hate authors don't know we have a XBOX ONE with Kinect, And It Works!

I say XBOX On, my Onkyo turns on, my Samsung 50inch turns on, SportsCenter is on; I even think my garage door opens & my suv rolls out heated and ready to go!!! XBOX ONE & Kinect are great.

Stop the hate before others find out what the owners of the XBOX ONE already works.

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JeffGUNZ1468d ago

So basically your partner has trouble learning the basic commands and we need to write this? Give me a break. Either you didn't teach her or she isn'y paying attention. My girlfriend, who just started gaming and hasn't gamed in about 15 years since she was in grade/middle school, was able to pick this up quickly. It works fine for me and everyone else I know who owns one. If you expect to never repeat yourself ever, well I don't know what to tell you.

I am sick of people jumping down kinects throat for user error. All one needs to know is "xbox select" and it will turn everything green on the screen and all you have to do is say what you want to do. My Gf can use it flawlessly and loves how it controls everything and she never has to use any remotes or controllers to navigate anything. In the time it took to write this bogus article, you could have explained the basic commands to her and she might get it. It needs to be specific commands or else it would be jumping all over the place if someone was in the room just talking about xbox while you were playing.

n4rc1468d ago

It reminds me of stickers we used to stick on workstations..

Intel inside, idiot outside

patsrule3161468d ago

I have both a PS4 and an XB1. Right now, I am superbly happy with the PS4, as it does what it is suppossed to do...every time. No issues at all so far. The XB1, I am disappointed in. It plays games fine too, and has some nice features...but the TV part of it through the kinect for my family and me is very much like this article says. Very frustrating, the voice commands often have trouble, the gestures don't seem to work at all. It does instantly recognize me. But when I tried to use a QR code that I got on my computer for Major Nelson's twitter feed, it took about 2-3 minutes to recognize the code, not the 3 seconds like he demonstrated in his video. Plus, it just feels wrong having to leave the xbox on the whole time you want to watch tv, even if you aren't using any of the Xbox features....seems like a waste of energy to not even have the option to watch tv without having the xbox on full power (obviously I could go back to plugging the HDMI from my cable box back in to the TV directly to get around that). Anyways...all of the issues with the XB1 is leaving a sour taste in my mouth, even though I the games work fine and there are some cool features.

infectedaztec1468d ago

I had the same issue with the QR thing when using it on my phone, but when it was on a piece of paper (like my XBL code) it recognised it instantly.
You have understand that your phone/screen is a light source in itself and may interfere with the kinect's comprehension. You can even see in the camera feed that the code isn't legible. But I've noticed when I have the lights on in the room it works much better.

Its not really a failure of the kinect, just an obvious limitation of the technology (it can't do everything perfect).

My suggestion is turn on the lights in the room, reduce your screens brightness, or even print out the QR code

nategrigs1468d ago

or just take 4 seconds to type it in

patsrule3161468d ago


How would one go about typing in a QR code in 4 seconds? or at all?

Volkama1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

The gesture control is indeed rubbish. Not because the Kinect's tracking capabilities, more that it's just a clumsy implementation.

To clarify, I'm talking about the whole palm out to move the cursor, push the palm forward in a really awkward unnatural way to select and hope the cursor doesn't move.

giovonni1468d ago

I can agree with that, I have had problems using the hand gestures and navigating the screen using my hands. Outside of that, I haven't had any real issues with Kinect.

BattleTorn1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I can attest to some of Cram's Kinect complaints.

Why must one say "Xbox play Forza Motorsport 5" and not simply "Xbox play Forza 5"?

Why must it be precisely "Xbox use a code" rather than "Xbox scan a code"?

Also, the stupid thing interrupts my roommate when his in online matchmaking, when I walk by, by asking if I want it to switch to my profile. "No, Xbox. I'd like you to not interrupt the THE PERSON PLAYING ATM!!!"

Also, when you 're-name' your Xbox, it automatically does a restart. Well, it sends a TV-off signal while powering down, yet does not send a TV-on signal when power back up. "Thanks Xbox for turning off my TV on a simple reboot!"

Another one, how has a genius at Microsoft not figured out that when the TV is ALREADY ON, that "Xbox On" shouldn't TURN OFF THE TV!!!!!!

GiantEnemyCrab1468d ago

That's the problem with the IR blaster I don't think it's smart enough to know that your TV is on/off. It just sends a single command for both. I agree it is annoying that my TV goes off if it's already on.

corvusmd1468d ago

UH...if Kinect only has issues with first time users...then it's not Kinect, it's first time users. Trust me it gets much easier and better the more you use it, you just have to learn to use the commands that Kinect is looking for...and YES there is slight genius to making kinect look for more complex and less used commands (so that you don't accidentally tell it to do something you don't want it to turning the xbox off when you tell a camper to get off the ground in COD). Just learn what to say (I made the command list my computer wallpaper). Trust me, you learn to love it, especially when you are watching tv and eating.

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