Is Sony turning the H1Z1 zombie hoax into a PS4 game?

Fast forward to 2014 and very little of the fake H1Z1 virus has been said. Nearly everyone knows the hoax, as several machinimas and low-grade films have been made using the virus as a plot device. Now it looks like Sony might be jumping onto that bandwagon, as a recent trademark by Sony Online Entertainment has revealed that H1Z1 is now trademarked by the company, possibly for inclusion in their own brand of zombie horror carrying an “H1Z1″ game title.

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overlordror1556d ago

Could be something else entirely, SOE typically doesn't do console games, but who knows.

Dark3stShadow1556d ago

They also never had a console with a simple architecture and enough horsepower to be worth their time

Dark3stShadow1556d ago

I agree but we can't just write it off

Skate-AK1556d ago

Planetside 2, DCUO, Free Realms and Payday were all published or made by SOE. All 4 are on console with the exception of PS2 which will be soon.

sinncross1556d ago

SOE designs for PCs first and if they cna they port over to the Sony console.

If PS2 is coming to PS4 and talk that EQ will too, I think its safe to assume that whatever game they work on next will eventually come to the PS4 too.

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Razjin1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I mean look how they're porting planet side 2 over so i can at least aspect future tittles from SOE to do the same especially being a first party thing.

SeanScythe1556d ago

Before all the Zombie game haters start complaining. I enjoy zombie games when done correctly, a lot of people enjoy them. Just because you don't and think there are to many doesn't mean they should stop making them. Just like all the MMOs, FPS, RTS, Platform, racing, & RPG games out there some shine better than others. If you don't like survival games with zombies then don't play them. Move along and go to a game that you do want to play.