Why I’ve Still Not Bought A Next-Gen Console

In the first of a brand new series of video game columns, Mark Butler explains why he’s yet to take the plunge with a PS4 and Xbox One – and probably won’t for a good long while yet.

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BALLBAGS1676d ago Show
csreynolds1676d ago

Because you can't get hold of one? :-P

Saryk1676d ago

That's not correct. I can get XBone right now, PS4 is hard, but if you got the cash, anything is possible!

When consoles first come out it is best to wait and let the problems get worked out. Middle of the year would be a great time. Problem with most people is that they can't wait!

csreynolds1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

That's fair. I was referring to the PS4 with my tongue-in-cheek comment; I am aware the Xbox One is more readily available (but I'll leave it to the fanboys to argue over why that might be...)

As for problems, the PS4 (the only one I can talk about, as I don't have an Xbox One) has performed very well. Sure, some of the cool features announced at E3 still need to be patched in, but it plays games, I can access online, and I can stream. For now, that suits me fine.

Albie3601675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

To Saryk
Yes all the rest of us will be the crash dummies for all the losers like you!!!

NeoTribe1675d ago

Most of the time its because there broke. Not sure why you would wait for problems to be worked out when thats what insurance is for... my ps4 is flawless and fast with its sshd. If it breaks, i get a new one. Simple as that. Some peepa just cant admit there broke.

Silly Mammo1675d ago

@Albie360- keep telling yourself that, if it makes you feel better.

minimur121675d ago

This article is a bit silly, I mean its only been 2 1/2 months, its hardly time for an article about why they still haven't bought one.

If it were march, I'd be expecting an article like this. But when your in the stages of a release where the manufacturers are still short on stock, in my opinion I think it's stupid :p

starchild1675d ago

There are PS4s at my local K-mart. They aren't that hard to find. If you have the money I'm sure you can get one.

Silly Mammo1675d ago

@Albie360- Apologies! I misread your post. It's so hard sometimes to keep track of who's replying to whom on my tablet. ;0)

Chris_GTR11675d ago

I think not buying a ps4 is a sign of maturity. I have more than enough money to buy it right now but there's just no games. I'll wait hopefully by Christmas time they'll have some good games for now I'll be playing dayz on my PC and ps3

liquidhalos1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

deleted comment, change of heart

liquidhalos1675d ago

I think the truth is that december/jan is an expensive time of year for people and they cant afford it. Thats why its always best to preorder early i guess

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MysticStrummer1675d ago

I had to move to a new city first and now I have to buy a worthy TV, so PS4 being constantly sold out isn't driving me as crazy as it would be otherwise. I'll have both the TV and PS4 within the next few months.

ALLWRONG1675d ago

If you want a PS4 just go to Walmart, whole stack of em at Sams sitting right next to the Xbones.

Sorry did I spoil something?

BlackTar1871675d ago

Pics or it didn't happen.

MysticStrummer1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

You didn't spoil anything. Walmart and Sams Club are among the places I've been during my TV browsing, and what I saw didn't match your description. I saw lots of XB1s and very few PS4s over several days of looking through multiple stores, first in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and then around Austin.


I agree with you , both are available in different locations , but xbox ones are easier to find. Seen more of both at Best Buy ,very few at walmart and hardly any at gamestop ( saw them these past few weeks just browsing around looking for new games , I already bought both at launch already ). I keep telling my peeps that if they really want one of these systems to try Best buy and ask a salesperson when the next shipment comes in and go early the next day !

liquidhalos1675d ago

lets see the pics, im surprised more people arent going for your bubbles due to trolling

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Good-Smurf1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I just got one (It actually my sister who bought it) from ToysRus and I still wait for her to send more pictures to see if it's a Call of Duty Bundle or not.
God I don't want to play that shit!
Anyway it's good to know that finally I got PS4 the thing just got sold out all the time!
I'll receive the system in late February.

AngelicIceDiamond1675d ago

I think last years hype really drove those millions of early adapters to buy one at launch. The excitement and the anticipation was through the roof.

Imo I think most of us just realized we need very compelling software to play these games. AC, COD, and BF are all known AAA's but doesn't really move the market to buy them on next gen systems for the simple fact that those games look similar on current gen consoles.

If I was you I would wait for the games to come out that are unique to next gen or that are only next gen. So March Titanfall (would recommend X1) or Infamous for PS4.

csreynolds1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I'd disagree with you there (though I should point out I didn't 'Disagree' disagree).

AC and BF4 are very different on the now current gen. AC's load times and performance are comparatively better on PS4/XB1, the second screen function adds a lot to the gameplay experience, and PS4 runs at 1080p (I believe PS3 runs at 720p, but I could be wrong) with significantly greater draw distances, detail etc.

Re: BF4, that too runs at a higher resolution on PS4 (900p I believe), but more importantly runs at 60fps (PS3/Xbox 360 capped at 30fps). Plus, only on current gen and PC can you play 64 player matches; on past gen, you're limited to 24 players. It's just a shame the game on the whole is riddled with problems.

I appreciate that the new platforms cost a bomb, but to dismiss them for this reason isn't really credible. Yes, these games are bridging a gap, and thus future PS4/XB1 games will be more unique/attractive visually and feature-wise, but there are very valid differences between the versions of these games, and once you've played a past-gen game on current gen it's hard to go back. If you're going to avoid PS4/XB1 at all, it should be because of price, not software. I have six titles, and I'm enjoying all of them - maybe I'm in the minority here?

liquidhalos1675d ago

LOL what a load of BS, You dont have one because you missed out, deal with it, dont pretend bud, its transparrent

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Fishy Fingers1676d ago

Not sure I would recommend going above and beyond to find one yet if your on the fence. Give it a few months and you'll have a much better selection of games/bundles to pick from.

BlackTar1871675d ago

Yea there is no rush to buy either system yet imo. Bead Rising is a fun game but im bored and i just can't like Killzone it isn't for me. Outside those games i play BF4 and I wouldn't exactly be able to make a case for it being a must have title yet. Work out all the kinks and maybe ill throw some more love and support behind it to people.

curtis921676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Everytime I see articles like this I'm not sure what the purpose is... Do you want a pat on the back? What makes your situation and decision more important than mine or anyone elses on this site?

@Nerdmaster no, I didn't. Because I'm not interested in someone else's reasoning for purchasing products. There are just a lot of these articles and I wonder why.

BlackTar1871676d ago

people just like to pretend that others care about there situation.

Nerdmaster1676d ago

Well... you clicked on the link, didn't you?

ALLWRONG1675d ago Show
BlackTar1871675d ago


You need to really evaluate your priorities here.

MysticStrummer1675d ago

@Nerdmaster - I can't speak for BlackTar but I never click on opinion articles that start with the word "Why". It's just a personal policy.

@ALLWRONG - Good to see you still living up to your name, and it's very appropriate that you have it in all caps. What does your comment, or BlackTar's for that matter, have to do with Sony fans, exactly?

Nerdmaster1675d ago

I didn't mean clicking on the link to the site with the article, but the link in the front page of N4G to this page here. If you're commenting here, it means that you saw the title, and cared enough to click the link to end up here. If we really didn't care about other people's opinions, we wouldn't even be here in this page.

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RexFury1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Some people just like to share their opinions, which is why it has been put down as a opinion piece. That was the sole reason I created my own gaming site, so I can do that with my friends. I don't expect our site to get big as the competition is gigantic. So I can't see myself gaining anything (financially) out of it.

I don't know about the author of this article, but I just enjoy writing articles on games.

Tru_Ray1675d ago

Agreed. These articles are pointless. The subtext is "Why I am So Wise for Not Being an Early Adopter". If you are not interested in the next-gen platforms, that is cool, but do we really need a dissertation as to why?

With that being said, I am itching to play the 2nd generation of PS4 games. Bring on Second Son!


frostypants1675d ago

You could of course say that about any editorial or blog post on any site.

DanielGearSolid1675d ago

There really is no point to these articles...

Or atleast I don't see one

RavageX1675d ago

I agree with Curtis here, I personally see these sort of articles as being very annoying.

I view this site as being for NEWS...and this certainly isn't that.

Even if the person were famous I can't really see me giving a damn as to why they have or don't have a next gen console, or wanting to know what they think about it.

And no, I didn't click the article, this post was made out of annoyance and to show my agreement with others who have similar feelings.

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Mega241676d ago

Stepping into the new generation is the way to go forward, last generation still needs to be supported for those who can't upgrade, but by doing this, it holds resources for game to have more features in the new gen, and most games will not be the complete experience in the last gen. Destiny will definitely won't play the same or look the same in ps3/360, then on ps4/x1.

Also, why are so many people tying to voice their personal opinions on why they don't think a new console is not needed for them now?

supes_241675d ago

They have to give reasons to why the didn't but next gen yet because they're procrastinating. Anything to make themselves feel better as to why they don't have the latest and greatest. I find it foolish for a gaming journalist wiring a piece on why he hasn't made the switch yet, he should be the first to want to try it so he can comment on it. Personally I'm tired of the argument "or had no launch games". Well technically yes it does, they both did and pretty darn good ones at that. If all you're waiting for is AAA titles, then isn't that saying you're spending $500 just to play that game? He makes that comment in his article but contradicts himself.